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A new extremely high detailed paper map textures in 4k. Please see map in game to see how high quality it really is (pictures on nexus are downscaled a lot for upload).

Permissions and credits

A new extremely high detailed paper map in 4k. These are retextures for Flat World Map Framework SE (FWMF). Immersive Paper Map is (you guessed it) immersive; with aging, stains, and fold marks. Painstakingly crafted to finest details for your immersion.

Note: The pictures under the Image tab have been down scaled tremendously to upload to nexus. In game they are actual 4k (even the pictures below have been down scaled by half to upload to nexus). Please see map in game to see how high quality they really are. 


1. Download and install the hard requirement (use version 1.41 or 1.45), click here: Flat World Map Framework SE. Chesko’s mod  A Quality World Map is NOT a requirement, but please show them some support by endorsing their mod. Note: You may use the newest version (1.52 ) but it is a wip at the moment. 
2. Download and install my mod (Immersive Paper Map).
3. Place my mod (Immersive Paper Map) below Flat World Map Framework SE
in your load order.
4. Download and install the hard requirement, click here: Flat Map Makers SSE 
5. That's it, now you have an immersive old, fold creased, and stain map. 

For help please check the comments or join the Discord

DLC's and new land from Mods ARE compatible, they will just be the default map (until I make a new one, or someone else does). 
Not compatible with any other map mod textures.
Mods that modifies world map weather and mountains should be put higher in load order. 
To prevent any conflicts, place this mod and all of its requirements at end of you load order (or as low as possible).
Compatible with other map marker mods and UI overhauls (unless they alter maps).

Known Issues
There is an issue where the paper map is rendered in 2D, but the markers are still 3D, so make sure you use the mod Flat Map Makers SSE to fix this.
A paper map for Solstheim is not included.

Please report any bugs here:

Future Plans:
New Maps for DLC worlds and popular mod worlds.

Current WIP:

pavelk: "hey, sure go!" 
z993126 and T Cook: "Do with it what you will."