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Replace the world map in Skyrim with a detailed 2D topographic map, now in dark mode!

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2021/8/02 update: Added version 1.6 compatible map textures, including one that contains ore veins (thanks to pavelk).

Versions marked with 1.6x are only compatible with versions 1.6+ of the map framework, These use a combined texture and have better zoom and handling, but are only 4K equivalent texture wise (though you probably won't notice if playing at 1440p or below). The files tab shows a preview of each version and you can choose whichever one you'd like (keep in mind that different versions of the map framework are required).

This is made to work with Flat World Map Framework SE, with higher resolution textures for more details at lower zoom levels. This has only been tested on Skyrim SE, but will probably also work with the LE version since these are just textures.

The original map texture is from Skyrim topographic map, specifically the pdf version. I blew the PDF file up to 36864 x 24576, replaced the colors for dark mode (based on the dark mode of Google Maps), and split the textures so the game can recognize them.

The regular (light mode) version of this map shown in the banner can be found here:
2D Topographic Map Replacement for Skyrim (6K Textures)

Flat Map Markers
Flat World Map Framework SE
(get version 1.41 or 1.45 if you want to use the 6k texture version, or the newest version to use with the ones 1.6x compatible)

Install all the mods required above, then manually move the esp for Topographic World Map of Skyrim to the very bottom of the load order, or else the map will not look correctly

thanks to z993126 (T cook) for the original map texture and pavelk for help with the format of the textures.

Map showcase: