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This mod changes default 3D Skyrim map to a flat topographic one.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.6 (22.07.2021) - marked old map and marked clean (former 4K for custom maps) editions got experimental 1.6 update. better zoom, better navigation, less issues near map edges, less "sky" bugs. technically it is based on different, combined mesh for skyrim, so it will be less pita for modders now with a price of limited map quality (joint dds limited to 16k, that means ~2.66K max quality for a map right now). some optimization will be done to the map to reach mb 4k, but hardly 6k (without edge locations bugs). script forcing [mapmenu] config been replaced with ini file.

Version 1.65 (23.07.2021): effective resolution of marked clean map is back to 4K. also background mesh and texture added.

If you updating to maps with versions 1.5x don't forget to change "markerHeight" to 55000 in FlatMapMarkersSSE.json - meshes were changed (and markers heights with them) to allow better min/max zoom. Or download Flat Map Markers config from Files and copy folder inside to your "/Mods/" directory. It should overwrite existing .json file in Flat Markers SSE mod folder.

Consider 1.5x - 1.6x experimental for a while. If you seeing just blue sky instead of the map and you 100% sure that mod is dead last in plugins list - roll back to previous versions (1.3-1.45).

Versions 1.6x don't require changing Flat Map Markers' default markerHeight setting (180000).

Topographic World Map Framework

Many of you know beautiful work of Tim Cook who created accurate topographical map of Skyrim. Map itself is available as a vector or bitmap image. This mod implements it in Skyrim World Map mode with a use of improved flat map design from A Quality World Map by Chesko and IcePenguin.

Map is fully flat with either strictly vertical look and covers not only Skyrim but a part of neighboring provinces. Zoom is available yet edge values are restricted due to limitations of how flat map works on naturally 3D-only mode of Skyrim map. There are two main versions available:

  • Unmarked - with no handmade markers for those who prefer less spoilers,
  • Marked - with all handmade markers and names of geographical locations.

You can also find mod with .bsa unpacked (loose resources) and a versions stylized to fit Dear Diary UI (colder and warmer palette) in Optional files and one, that looks like old map with worn letters and bleached colors. There are other editions by 3rd parties that you can find below.

Solstheim map is not going to be included for a while - topographic map for an island just doesn't exist right now.

Hope you will find it useful and way more readable than vanilla map. And I'm sure it will bring special memories to anyone who served in army.


The archive is mod manager compatible.

Mod contains .esp with main map file and fix for weather in World Map mode to make lighting best suited for reading the map. If mod manager used, place esp last in load orders (both mod and plugins)

Flat Map Markers SSE by Fudgyduff is mandatory - without it you will experience glitchy player location marker as well as possible map markers shifts while zooming. File \Flat Map Markers SSE\SKSEFlatMapMarkersSSE.json should contain this line:

"markerHeight": 180000.0 (for versions 1.3-1.45, 1.6x)
"markerHeight": 55000.0 (for versions 1.5x)

Edit file manually in any txt editor or replace with prepared config in Files.

(Versions 1.3 - 1.5x) If you don't like default map control settings (keyboard, mouse and gamepad speed in map mode) you can install loose version of the map, delete Scripts folder (script inside normally forces default mod settings) and add this section of settings to skyrim.ini:



This is baseline, first 3 settings cover bigger part of map control, mess with them to your liking. Detailed settings description you can find here.

(Versions 1.6+)  Dedicated ini file for tuning is inside mod archive.

Custom 3rd party maps
Use versions 1.4x for those: 

Modified 6K Topographic Map textures (2D skyrim map replacer)
 - 6K clean marked map by zys52712. Very good choice for perfectionists and 4K monitor users (yes, all three of you).

Immersive Paper Map By CKW25
 - 4K old-looking marked map by Ckw25. Less topographic, more immersive, stylish af.

Dark Mode World Map Replacement for Skyrim (6K Textures) - 6K clean dark-themed map by zys52712. For healthy eyes and somber vibes.

Obviously not compatible with any other map mods. Any mod that modifies world map weather should be put higher in load order. Mods that mess with mountains and its clouds/fogs could cause issues as well.
Remove Map Camera Limits - not compatible as well, will break natural edges of map and heights aligning.
Mod works with any weather/lighting overhauls but some (like NAT) could make map menu overly bright or looking weird. In that case use versions with lighting fix in Optional Files.

Recommended Mods
Atlas Map Markers - Updated with MCM works perfect and smaller markers make map more readable. Just be sure to put Atlas' .esp before Topographic Map in load order.

Topographical map also get along with most UI overhauls. Beside basic SKY UI, I highly recommend Dear Diary UI, Complete Modern UI and Clear UI.

Known Issues
Minor artifacts during foggy or stormy weathers.
Inclined map when menu launched in edge skyrim locations.
Some inconsistency in transition between Journal and Main menus

Future Plans
more stylized maps
updating all maps to 4K
giving some love to unmarked map
patches: OCW, NAT
better min zoom
"non-topo" edition of the map
Solstheim topo map (hardly, huge amount of work)
.ini with comments
article for custom map creators

This mod brings together hard work of Tim Cook, creator of topographical map of Skyrim and some of the ideas of IcePenguin/Chesko and Warburg/Duncanlarsen1 about flat map design. Also credits to underthesky and Fudgyduff for his skse plugins that flattens map markers and nushu (original mesh creator) and deland (whom mesh was used) for their skyrim wordlspace meshes. 

Special thanks for testing and suggestions to: dragonknightvita, hazarduss, stevethecoala, goodgirllizzy, ghoulified02, yermudrCkw25AnxiousHairballAlfadhirhaitijinxlajoker and zys52712.