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Last updated at 17:53, 16 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 17:01, 4 Nov 2016



This mod changes the appearance of all the existing children in Skyrim Special Edition, drawing inspiration from DreamBurrow.

2016.11.22 - VER 1.0.3 released by Azrael. Changelog:
  • Clothing meshes should now display correctly  
  • Fixed some problems with head mesh specular maps  
  • Added NPCs Protected Redux compatibility patch for the playable version  
  • Added option for loose FaceGen data  
  • Removed Size Fix  

2016.11.13 - VER 1.0.2 released by Azrael. Changelog:
  • Changes to Hrefnas facegeom mesh (hopefully fixing a rare CTD) 
  • Removed loose clothing meshes 
  • Clothing meshes fully updated to SSE file format and packed into BSA 
  • Added NoMerge Bash Tag to "RSChildren - Complete.esp" (suggested by hishutup) 
  • Added ACK option to non-playable installations 
  • Added patch that allows all hair options to be used by playable children. 
  • Added patch that disables character scaling at certain usable furniture items (Will be removed in next version use Universal Race Scale Remover by Abbalovesyou instead)
To those who downloaded the file within the first 15 min or so, please re-download, as I made an error in the installer.

2016.11.08 - XBOX1 MOD RELEASED by Azrael over on

2016.11.07 - VER 1.0.1 released by Azrael. Changelog:
  • Removed loose texture files
  • Added texture BSA
  • Included modified "Armor and Clothing for Kids" by PlagueHush
  • Included USSEP fix for Sofie (thanks to Old Nick for bringing this to my attention)

2016.11.04 - It's here! Azrael_wtf kindly decided to port over the mod and after several days of headaches probably, it's ready for release. If you enjoy the mod and it's working for you, please direct all your thank-yous and kudos to him--he did all the work and let me have the honor of uploading it. This mod wouldn't have seen the light of day in SSE otherwise, at least not for a while longer. -Ranaline



What this mod does:
  • Modifies the existing child races in the game to use custom assets: textures, head meshes, body meshes, etc.
  • Changes the faces of all children originally existing Skyrim Special Edition
  • Adds some basic clothing and accessories made from vanilla assets (currently only boys), and a more unique one for Aventus
  • (Optional) Includes Nao4288's Female Facial Animation, if you don't want to use the vanilla facial animations included by default. Works with both genders. Download is under "Miscellaneous" - you don't need the original files for it to work.


Base game (Skyrim Special Edition)


Please note that this mod is NOT meant to make child races fully playable. It only affects their appearance. Feel free to run around as a child and mess around, kill whatever, etc. However, playing through any quests as a child isn't the greatest idea.

Body meshes include underwear, and revealing parts have been removed from the meshes and textures.


Clean install
To use the mod, download RSSEChildren - 1.0 Installer and install it. If you use the Override, make sure it's at the bottom of your load order.

Nexus Mod Manager:
Install files the way you normally install anything else.

Load Order:
Should go something like this... If you don't use USSEP, just ignore that.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
RSChildren - Complete.esp
RSChildren_PlayableOverride.esp or RSChildren_NonPlayableOverride.esp (if you have issues with the faces appearing properly)

patches and compatible mods

Any mod that has a patch requires the original file to work, unless otherwise stated. Install patches after the mod you want to patch's .esp and RSChildren .esps.

Moon and Star  - Patch available in the mods files section
Adopt Aventus Aretino  - Patch available in the mods files section
Dragons Keep SSE  - Patch available in the mods files section
Skaal Kid Coat - Patch available in the mods files section

recommended mods

Dovahkinder Collection Replacer - Unique clothing retexture for children!
Dreamburrow's freckles - Totally recommend this if you like dense freckles! This would replace the included. In the Data\ folder, create this folder structure and place the file into it with the proper name: textures\actors\character\ranaline\child\
Universal Race Scale Remover - A more compatible alternative to the Size Fix formerly included in the playable version of this mod
Aymar and friends - Adoptable Elven Children - Adds adoptable Bosmer, Altmer, Orsimer and Dunmer children


Mods that edit children: Xvision Children, TK Children, etc. as they do the same thing this mod does.
Killable children edits the same records as this mod and thus is incompatible. Install the playable version of RSChildren, as it includes the option to kill children as an unintended side effect.

FAQ & known issues

Follow the ISSUES, AND SOLUTIONS THREAD for updates on these issues and possible help. Currently that serves as the FAQ for this mod.
- Imperfections on meshes (clipping or seams).
- Neck seams, floating heads if a child equips other armor or clothing.

thank you to...

Azrael_wtf for porting the mod over to Skyrim Special Edition
-Ren- for making the installer
PlagueHush for Armor and Clothing for Kids changes
for Skyrim and vanilla assets
Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide
Tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit and making the impossible possible
Bagserk for letting me use Xvision Children's assets
Imperator3 for his male underwear mesh and SydneyB (Princes of the Woods) for the textures
L0rd0fWar () for parts of Aventus Arentino's outfit
Nao4288 (Female Facial Animation) for her improved .tri files
Ginko for letting me convert her Sims 3 hair, #4 Gin, Tktk for the hair texture (v1.0.0), and HelloSanta for her conversion and textures (v1.1.0)
Apachii (ApachiiSkyHair) for her hair conversions
MacKom (Lore Styles Hair Set) for his hair creations
zn00p (Lovely Hairstyles) for his hair conversion
Faeofthewood (Waifan 2 Skin Set) for her freckles and moles in the face texture
HelloSanta (SG Renewal), HHaley(Fair Skin Complexion), Navetsea(CBBE Skin), and Pikkatze(Smooth Faces) for their face and body textures, and brows
DreamBurrow and her pictures and mods for supplying heaps of motivation and inspiration
Mankarcameron2006, Adam and blacksword6868 for testing
The TES community

tools used

Mod Organizer, Blender, NifSkope, Creation Kit, Wrye Bash, TES5Edit, SSEEditBodyslide

Note by Azrael:
If you've been sent here by Atsuraelu:
Yes, that's me.