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Adds 4 libraries across Skyrim featuring books from previous TES games. Made compatible with Legacy of the Dragonborn and Vigilant.

Permissions and credits
This is a modification of Jokerine's The Seaside Library v4c, which adds 4 libraries across Skyrim. The esp has been modified and now requires Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE as a master. All the shared books between the two mods have been consolidated, and will use the HQ covers provided by Legacy. As an added feature, the library that used to be located in the same location as the ruined house just past Whiterun's Western Watchtower has been moved so now it's just across the Watchtower. It should no longer conflict with other mods that use this location, such as Vigilant SE.


Make sure you have Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE and USSEP installed. Then you can download and install this mod.

There is a RS Children patch for the 2 children added by this mod.

Credit for this goes to Jokerine, who created the mod. This is uploaded with implied permission per Jokerine's profile page, and will be taken down upon Jokerine's request.

Thanks also to DanielCoffey for Books Covers Skyrim & Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library & icecreamassassin for Legacy of the Dragonborn SE

*The assets packaged with this mod belong to Jokerine, and have been run thru Cathedral Assets Optimizer to optimize for SE. They are released under the same implied permission and will likewise be removed upon Jokerine's request.