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This is a patch that moves the tent and the kids from the mod "Adoptable Snow Elf Siblings" to not clip with LOTD's excavation place.

Permissions and credits
This mod uses an ESP plugin flagged as ESL

This mod does only three things:

-Moves the tent, kids and the lamp to the opposite side of the temple entrance to fixed the clipping issue with the LOTD excavation site.

-Extends the navmesh a little bit. (So the kids can access their idle sitting markers in the new place).

-It's a plugin replacer for the required mod. I compacted and ESL flagged the plugin because it wasn't previously.


-RS Children Overhaul
-Adoptable Snow Elf Siblings
-(LOTD is not needed because my mod doesn't use it as a master. You can use this mod without LOTD if you only want the esl replacer)

Screenshots taken with the Empyrean - Bijou ReShade preset.