Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Overhauls the appearance of all children from Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Italian
  • German

- covers all children in Skyrim,
- USSEP and AI Overhaul patches included,
- patch for Aymar and Friends. 

All screenshots were taken with BnP - Child Skin Remastered by swefrida, please install and endorse it if you want kids to look really good.

! Do not use USSEP patch from RS Children installer, only mine!

Any of this wouldn't be possible without the talented authors listed below. 
All assets from this mod belong to them. 

Therefore, I do not allow re-uploading or 
publishing my mods anywhere except for the Nexus!

○ RS Children Overhaul by meirimi
○ Eyes mod 2 by khisartin
○ Apachii Sky Hair SSE by apachii
○ Even More Makeup by CoralineKoralina
○ Skin Feature Overlays by DomainWolf
○ Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty by Lamenthia
 Kala's Eyes-Elf Eyes by guidethisonekalaheria
○ KS Hairdos and Kalilies Brows by Kalilies
○ HG Hairdos and HG Hairdos 2 by summerdew
○ Cuyi's Bosmeri Antlers by Lyreha