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Changes the face and hairstyle of over a dozen RSC kids with a focus to make them all unique and lore-friendly. Removes Apachii hair from all RSC kids in favour of vanilla hairstyles.

Permissions and credits
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Axe's RS Children Tweaks
This mod makes changes to the excellent RS Children mod, editing over a dozen npcs.
My intention was to add some more variety to the kids and adjust hairstyles to be more fitting for a 'vanilla-esk' game.

Variety - RSC makes some great strides to add variety to the vanilla potato kids, but they are still quite similar. I have tried to make each npc i've edited unique and instantly recognisable.
Dirt - RSC's textures are great but they stand out a little for my eyes, so I have added dirt and freckles where possible to add interest to the textures and break up the shine a bit - hopefully without making them look too old. Plus, these are kids of Skyrim, they play outside and get attacked by Dragons.
Vanilla hair - The reason I started making this mod was to swap out the Apachii Skyhair for vanilla styles, I got carried away :)

Currently edits...
Hroar - Lars Battleborn - Aventus Aretino - Samuel - Britte - Sissel - Gralnach - Braith - Babette - Fjotra - Skuli - Blaise - Alesan - Sond - Bottar - Sofie - Lucia
... more to come ...

As of 05/05/2018 I have reached the point where I have exuasted the limited creation kit/in-game sculpting, it is very hard to keep the kids looking different while remaining child-like. Therefore I doubt I will be adding more kids till the Racemenu mod is feature complete for SE. Then I will be able to add sticky-outy ears, chubby cheeks and soft jaws.

RS Children
USSEP - as RSC requires it.
I have RSC installed with it's Bigger Heads (not a requirement) and Facial animation options.

Install with NMM after RS Children - allow overwrites.

Load Order
Load after RSC's esm and esp.

Q. I have the black face bug.
A. *Throws self infront of bus*

Q. What eye texture are you using for Babette on that pic?
A. I'm not actually sure, I think it was a texture I grabbed years ago and adjusted a bit. I think it was XCE's vamp eyes and I made them more red.

Q. Lars looks like a whiny little pleb.
A. Lars is a whiny little pleb, bless him.

Q. Can you 'X'?
A. *Screams*

Q. 'X' doesn't look like a kid anymore.
A. This is harder than it looks, i've tried my best. I'm open to suggestions about this, if you think someone looks really off let me know who and why.

Q. Why are there no Orc/Elf/Khajiit or Argonian kids?
A. I have no idea, they should have been in since the 2011 launch. I edited RSC over other mods that include these because I prefer it, a lot. Its unfortunate.

Q. Their heads are too big?
A. The RSC bigger head option is optional, and not required for my mod to function - it's up to you what you think works best.

Q. Can I upload this mod or derivatives of it to another site?
A. No, Nexus exclusive (This mod is based on other peoples work).

Q. Your mods name sucks.
A. I actually wanted to call it 'Axes RS Extension', but realised that was a bad idea.

Q. I don't like 'X's face.
A. Thats nice.

Q. Can I port this to Oldrim?
A. I dont use/mod oldrim anymore - so if anyone wants to do this I give full permission to port the mod to oldrim and upload to the nexus (and only nexusmods, i give no permission to upload to other sites such as Proper due credits must be given of course with a link to this mod page.

Azrael_wtf and Ranaline for the wonderful RSC, great work.
Bethesda for the flawed yet all-consuming Elder Scrolls series, and letting us mod them.
Nescafe for keeping me awake many-a-night making this.
Aspirin for fighting off DVT while I made this.

Hope you enjoy the mod!