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A project to overhaul the children from RS Children Overhaul to make them look more realistic, unique and lore-friendly.

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Realistic Overhaul for RS Children
LE Version, ported by allonsywisegirl
For Elven children in the same style, check out my new mod Realistic Elven Children!

I have always found children to stick out like sore thumbs in Skyrim's worldscape - RS Children makes the vanilla potatoes look much better, for sure, but they simply replace the samey potato heads with samey shiny faces.  And I doubt all of Skyrim's children would really be shiny faced child models!

I found Axe's RS Children to be a great start to injecting a bit of life into these carbon copy kids, but it didn't cover a large number of children, so I thought I'd make my own overhaul!

To make them look more unique, I changed up the face shape of each child, as well as adding facial features, eg red noses, freckles, moles, etc. Have a look through the images to see what they look like.

Let me know if you have any feedback about their appearances or other problems, I'd be happy to hear and see what I can do. :)

  • RS Children Overhaul 
  • KS Hairdos v1.7+ or optional file (see below)

  • Download the main file, and install with a mod manager or extract and install manually.
  • If you do not have KS Hairdos installed, install the hair textures from optional files.

Make sure to load this mod after RSChildren.esm and RSChildren.esp.
RS patches for newly added children will work fine alongside this mod, so feel free to use them to get rid of the dark faces on added children. On the other hand, patches that alter vanilla children will be incompatible (I need to make my own patch) 
Let me know which patches you want to see. 
(you won't need the corresponding RS patch if I've made one myself)

Meshes/textures have been optimised with CAO, and espfe has been cleaned by SSEdit. 

- Note for those with KS Hairdos installed, I use Salt and Wind textures for KS Hairdos, so that will affect how the hairs look in game. If you don't want shiny hair on your children, try it out!  Alternate textures will also be fine - you can replace the textures in this mod without issue.

Thank you to SgtGimlinho for making a showcase of some of my mods!
Showcase begins around 2:10

This now covers all children, vanilla and DLC. Take a look at the pictures to see what they look like.

Patches available
existing children:
  • Prince and the Pauper
  • AI Overhaul
  • Killable Children
  • WICO
  • Adopt Aventus
  • Warriors in Training
  • Better Vampire NPCs (Babette)
new children:
  • Capital Whiterun Expansion
  • Helgen Reborn
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn
  • Cutting Room Floor

Mods seen in screenshots:

Q: Why does ______ look so bratty/sad/disgusted lol
A: Probably because they are - I did my best to let the personality shine through in this one. Also, the children seem to have unique expression morphs, so that's something that will show through in-game.

Q: Why are they so ugly?
A: I mean, I don't think they are - not compared to real life, in any case. Maybe compared to RS - but I mean, that's the point!

Q: Why does ____ have a different hair colour now?
A: I used their parents as a reference - some vanilla children just had some out-of-the-blue blonde hair while their parents' hair colours were jet black, so I thought I'd make it a little more consistent. If the hair colours look a little different in game, try out Mild Hair Colours.

Q: Will the RS patch work with ____?
A: I've addressed this in a sticky in the comments. The answer is yes and no, so take peek!

Q: Can we have a patch for ____?
A: (See the list of suggestions in the comments) Maybe. If the mod adds a lot of new children, it'll take quite a bit of time so I'll see if I can fit it in, though time is looking a little scarce at the moment! If the mod just makes a few adjustments (eg behaviours, traits, clothes, etc) a patch should be easy to make (and people are free to make them too). I've got a list on a sticky post in the comments, if you want to add anything let me know.

Q: Will you make beast/elven children?
A: For Elven children in the same style, check out my new mod Realistic Elven Children

[b]Q: Port to Oldrim?
 Not personally, I don't have the tools. It would just involve copying over the records from the SE esp to a form 43 esp in TES5Edit, and then you'd be ready to go after optimizing the meshes for LE. Let me know if you give it a go!

Q: Why is the head to body ratio so weird? They look like tiny adults.
Agreed, the body models are a little weird, and the neck-stalks are strange. But that's not something I'm altering - I'm only changing the faces, the whole head-to-body ratio thing is something that comes ready packed into RSC.

Q: Naked children! Floating bodies! Disappearing children! Weird! Children!
A: Usually a problem with RS Children and your mod loadup. Check the main file page for potential fixes, or let me know which mods you're using and I'll see if I can help.

If you have the dreaded "dark face bug" on a few children, you have another mod which adds children without an RS patch, or one which alters RS Children overwriting my mod, for example an overhaul or a patch. If you find the conflict, let me know, and I'll see if I can make a patch for this mod (or you can make your own and I'd be happy to add it to the files!)

Azrael_wtf and Ranaline for RS Children Overhaul
Axeface for Axe's RS Children and inspiration
Kalilies and Stealthic for KS Hairdos and HG Hairdos
Shiva182 jasperthenome for Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos
DomainWolf for Skin Feature Overlays (freckles and moles)
Rutah for Rutah's Warpaints (Bottar and Sond)
expired6978 for Racemenu
Xtudo for the support and expertise :D Helped me with my nooby head nif problems!