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A collection of patches to resolve conflicts with several mods, plus a few add-ons and tweaks.

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The Dark Brotherhood is, arguably, the best developed faction in Skyrim. But, once you finish its main questline, almost everybody's gone and you're left with an infinite loop of small radiant quests; the family you grew used to is mostly dead and in its place you have a few generic NPCs that can follow you; and... The rabbit hole you call a sanctuary is hardly a place you'd like to call home.

The Dark Brotherhood Reborn - Dawnstar Sanctuary SSE
(aka Sancturary Reborn - SR as referred to in this description), by aluckymuse, is a mod that changes that. The sanctuary is larger, better lit, better furnished; you have a few extra amenities that most Skyrim players enjoy having in their homes, like book shelves, artifact displays and crafting stations. There is a new bath, a larger "winter garden", more beds and more idle markers that will help bring more life to the place - especially if you also choose to install mods that add extra NPCs to the Sanctuary.

But you would know all that, if you're here for the patches. The purpose of these is to make the new sanctuary work nicely with other mods. I was suprised by the amount of mods that add/change content in that cell! In the files section you'll find patches that make several fixes and tweaks, going beyond just load order placement to forward the correct records or merge them so you can enjoy the best of what those mods provide, along with this Sanctuary Reborn. Here is the short-and-long description of what these patches do.


  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP): forwards USSEP records and replaces a couple of beds from this mod with the original, while giving them the same noble bed mesh (USSEP added those records to NPC packages so they shouldn't be disabled).
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn: same as above, repalces one of this mod's beds with the original record and updates its mesh, so that poor Greigor won't have to stand for the rest of his (sort) life. Moves Greigor's journal to "his" room.
  • Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul: moves a few paintings to better suit the changes to the architecture and furnishing of the Sanctuary. Forwards Snazzy models and SR positions for some funiture, such as weapon racks.
  • Save the Dark Brotherhood! (classic Skyrim, by PrinceShroob)**: adjusts idle markers to the new architecture and other markers added by Sanctuary Reborn.
  • Save the Dark Brotherhood - Skyrim Special Edition by EmperorW: fixes conflict with a couple of markers in the Dawnstar Sanctuary.
  • Keep it Clean: the modded Dawnstar Sanctuary already contains a bathroom, but it's merely decorative. This patch adds the soap basket, the undress activator for the PC and the undress area trigger for NPCs, steps and navmesh for NPCs to access the tub. Also adds the keyword for the cell to be seen by KiC as a bathroom.
  • Enhanced Lights and FX: This patch not only fixes existing conflicts, but does an extensive overhaul of the cell's lighting to bring it in line with ELFX. All light markers have correspondent light sources; shadow casting fires were added to fireplaces and care was taken to avoid flickering caused by concurrent lights. Smoke whisks were not forgotten.
  • Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE): Merges the cell record, forwarding ELE imagespace and lighting template but maintaining other records from Dark Brotherhood Reborn.
  • The Brotherhood of Old - SSE: edits bed and sleep marker locations.
  • Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul (ICAIO): adds persistent keyword to a wooden stool in the Windpeak Inn.
  • DX Faction Crossbows SE: Changes the location of the Dark Brotherhood crossbow manual.
  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul: moves some blood vials, blood extractor and chokeberry plants to new positions.
  • Amulets of Skyrim: changes the location of "Listener's Amulet" and "Shrouded Amulet".
  • RS Children: forwards Babette's face from RSC and her outfit from SR.
  • Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim: moves the altar to Sithis further into the Sanctuary, to a more "solemn" location.

** LE mod, requires porting. Use the other patch if you have EmperorW's Save The Dark Brotherhood - Skyrim Special Edition.

There's also a "tweaks" file that does minor general consistency edits.
NEW in 1.2.2: Tweaks now also addresses a couple of non critical bugs (thank you Soulmancer for bringing it up:
  • a couple of mesh filenames were misspelt in the plugin, which caused DynDOLOD to report them as missing (but they never caused any issues that I'm aware of);
  • a missing record from General Stores caused an error in the Dragon Claw display record; the patch now adds the record, the necessary script and restores the broken reference. Again, this error showed up in xEdit but was never reported to cause any serious issues in game, as far as I know.

All files are light (esl flagged) plugins, so they don't count towards the normal SSE active plugin limit.

Listed requirements: naturally, you should only install the patches for mods that you use. You don't need to have all of the mods listed in the requirements if you only want some. Each plugin will usually only require two masters, the original Dark Brotherhood Reborn and the mod that patch is for.


aluckymuse for Dark Brotherhood Reborn - Dawnstar Sancturary SSE
anamorfus for Enhanced Lights and FX
Shurah for Immersive Citiziens - AI Overhaul
icecreamassassin et alia for Legacy of The Dragonborn
arthmoor et alia for the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 
gutmaw for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul
PrinceShroob for Save the Dark Brotherhood! (classic Skyrim)
TomTesoro for The Brotherhood of Old - SSE
DeserterX for DX Faction Crossbows SE
kryptopyr for Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
uni_SL for Amulets of Skyrim
JawZ for Enhanced Lighting for ENB
EmperorW for Save The Dark Brotherhood - Skyrim Special Edition