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This package allows mod authors to make mods based on the RaceCompatibility.esm to work properly with Dawnguard. With optional compatibility for UFO, USKP/USLEEP, Better Vampires, Vampiric Thirst and Sacrosanct. Also fixes a bug in RaceCompatibility related to multiple custom races.

Permissions and credits
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If you use this mod in your custom race mod, please let me know, so I can add a link on this page and because I love seeing your work.

[2023-04-25] Version 1.112: Updated to Better Vampires 8.8.

This package allows mod authors to make their custom races based on the RaceCompatibility.esm (please consider endorsing expired6978's original mod, since without that we wouldn't be able to play with all these custom races) to work properly with the Dawnguard DLC. As such mod authors should follow the instructions included with that mod to make their mod.

StackEmHigh has created a guide that you may find useful in creating a custom race as well.

Dawnguard changed several scripts involving vampirism and lycanthropy (werewolves) that meant custom races would not be able to fully benefit/experience the DLC. This mod merges the Dawnguard scripts with the Race Compatibility scripts.

The RaceCompatibility.esm file included in this package also fixes the missing WoodElf (Bosmer) race entry in the file and adds an optional compatibility script for the Unofficial Skyrim patch.

To install just overwrite the files from the RaceCompatibility mod with the files in this package; install the optional script if you are also using the USKP or USLEEP. To make your custom race fully compatible ensure that your vampire race has the "vampire" keyword, if you had not added that already. If you are using UFO as well an optional file as been added that merges the changes it makes with this mod.

=== NOTE ===
Note that because the esm file modifies a formlist from the original mod it may be necessary to start a fresh game to fully benefit from the changes unless they were already using a fixed version of this file (adding the WoodElfRace to the list); a fixed version for Skyrim without Dawnguard can be found under optional files of the Belua Sanguinare mod is included in this mod.

1. Follow the instructions on the RaceCompatibility.esm page to construct your race.
2. To make your mod Dawnguard compatible overwrite the vanilla scripts and RaceCompatibility.esm.
3. (OPTIONAL) To ensure UFO and/or USKP compatibility add the optional scripts as an optional install.
4. Optional Better vampires scripts are now included. Only use these if you are using Better Vampires.

If you wish to create a custom race mod that is both vanilla and DG compatible you will need to distribute both the vanilla scripts + RaceCompatibility.esm and the ones included in this mod. You could wrap this up in a fancy NMM script or just a set of instructions on how (and when) to replace the files.

Alternatively direct users to this mod and let them overwrite the files themselves.

MaTera by Charismoon
The Ashen Race - HD by Seren4XX
Drow Race - All in One by ShaggyMonster
The Noiral Reloaded by Wyldsong and Arisen1
White Elf Race Standalone by nTr4nc3
Half Orc Race by ratrace
Lunari Race by bhaktisean
Drakian Race by coolster
Playable Dawnguard Snow Elf Race by TacobananaMan and SONNYSPAK
Ahri from League of legends by Rayne72 and Charismoon
Lovergirl Race by BSnake
The Orthonian Race by Beazalbob69
TangMo Race by Stijmunkey
Playable Giant Race by SpikeDragonLord
Legend of the Ulfhednar - Alpha by Derok
Succubus Race degraded by fantasy19
Easter in Skyrim by Cougan
Tsaesci Race by SpikeDragonLord
Faal Lom Brodaan - The Water Tribe by Undivide
Dagi-Raht Race Reborn by Nuska - Iil Lytuim and TheUnexpected
The Dragonborn is a Demon BETA by sgt_toad
Winged Twilights by AlanovichRomanov
Female body and textures By race by jet4571
Lore-Friendly Custom Races-Skaal-Ashlander-Shadowscale-Renrijra Krin-AshAbah-Reachmen by Quantumbutterfly
Khartor- Wolf-elf Race by Nouserhere
Simple Angel and Fallen Angel Races by DiaborMagics
The Nightspawn by Morrowind1979
The Aasimar Race by LogisticsofBreath
The Ancient Falmer - A Snow Elf Race by Redshiftja
The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race by Redshiftja
Playable Sun Elves Race by DdsLedg

... and many others ...

and this mod should be compatible with all races based on any version of RaceCompatibility.esm

- Vampirism Inverter (thinking about it)

If you are having trouble with your custom race vampire feeding even after installing the optional compatibility files, you may have to change your load order to ensure that Better Vampires is loaded AFTER your custom race files.

=== FAQ ===
Q: Is this mod compatible with EFF (Extensible Follower Framework)?
A: Yes, in fact the author of EFF is the same author as the original RaceCompatibility mod.

Q: I use USLEEP, but I only see an USKP patch.
A: The patch is compatible with both the old separate patches and the new combined USLEEP patch. Just use the USKP patch.

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[2022-04-20] Version 1.110: Updated to Better Vampires 8.7 re-uploaded for new changes in BV.

[2022-03-20] Version 1.110: Updated to Better Vampires 8.7.

[2021-09-19] Version 1.109: Updated to Better Vampires 8.6 (Finally!). Backported a fix for beast races from the SSE version.

[2020-10-04] Version 1.108: Updated to Better Vampires 8.5 (Finally!).
Fixed potential crash issue with translations. Not yet fully in-sync with
the SSE version of RaceCompatibility though... :(

[2020-01-02] Version 1.107: Updated to Sacrosanct 5.10 (Finally!).

[2017-04-27] Version 1.106: Better Vampires 8.0 support. Should also be fine for 8.1 and 8.2.

[2017-02-19] Version 1.105: Sacrosanct 4.0 compatibility. Small improvements in the sacrosanct patch as well. Hopefully this will improve
the reliability of the patch. If not, please report it.

[2017-01-15] Version 1.104: Better Vampires 7.9 support.

[2016-12-03] Version 1.103: Fixed a small issue with the 1.102 BV scripts. (1.102: Better Vampires 7.8 support. Added Sacrosanct 2.0.3 support. The compatibility mechanism kicks into action when you are converted into a vampire. Every custom race known at that time is then added to Sacrosanct.)

[2016-12-03] Version 1.102: Better Vampires 7.8 support. Added Sacrosanct 2.0.3 support. The compatibility mechanism kicks into action when you are converted into a vampire. Every custom race known at that time is then added to Sacrosanct.

[2016-11-06] Version 1.101: Better Vampires 7.5 support.

[2016-11-06] Version 1.100: Better Vampires 7.4 support.

[2016-09-18] Version 1.99: Fixed Better Vampires 7.3 support.

[2016-09-15] Version 1.98: Updated to Better Vampires 7.3. BROKEN! Please update to 1.99

[2016-03-04] Version 1.97: Updated to Better Vampires 7.2. Updated documentation to make it clear USKP and USLEEP are both supported.

[2015-09-07] Version 1.96: Updated to Better Vampires 7.1.

[2015-06-09] Version 1.95: Updated to Better Vampires 7.0.

[2015-05-27] Version 1.94: Updated to Better Vampires 6.9.

[2015-05-23] Version 1.93: Updated to Better Vampires 6.8.

[2015-05-03] Version 1.92: Updated to Better Vampires 6.7.

[2015-03-26] Version 1.91: Repackaged several translations.

[2015-02-23] Version 1.90: Updated to include latest USKP changes.

[2014-12-14] Version 1.89: Repackaged to include some missing languages

[2014-07-14] Version 1.88: Added manual installation instructions.
Added minor missing script fix on the DG+USKP branch.

[2014-07-14] Version 1.87: Added fix for amulet of Julianos from USKP.
Made companionshousekeepingscript more robust against other mods altering the properties on the quest, such as the aMidianBorn Skyforge Steel optional esp. Thanks to ElminsterAU for the report.

[2014-03-21] Version 1.86: BV 6.6 fix incorporated.

[2014-03-09] Version 1.85: BV 6.6 support.

[2014-01-01] Version 1.84: BV 6.5 support. Merged back dummy translations for non-standard languages for easier installation.

[2013-12-23] Version 1.83: Fixed a minor oversight involving some armor addons for amulets/rings. Added translations for all languages I have the source files for. If you want to provide another translation, please contact me, and I will integrate your translation into the mod package.
DummyTrans: Added dummy translations for other languages (just the English texts).

[2013-11-02] Version 1.82: Updated with latest Unofficial patch changes

[2013-10-21] Version 1.81: Update for Better Vampires 6.41 (the second)

[2013-10-18] Version 1.80: Improved compatiblity with alternate start mods when using multiple custom races (thanks en_hawk for the tip). Reorganized GenericRaceController script to clean up the code and make maintenance easier while allowing easier customization (by request). Updated Better Vampires optional for version 6.4/6.41.
REUPLOAD: Fixed NMM version number

[2013-08-27] Version 1.73: Updated installer scripting to better deal with Vampiric Thirst. It should no longer install any version of PlayerVampireQuestScript.pex, so that the Vampiric Thirst version can take over. This required some changes to the way the Dawnguard related files are installed, so report any issues, even if you do not use Vampiric Thirst.

[2013-08-04] Version 1.72: Updated Better Vampires optional for version 6.31

[2013-08-03] Version 1.71: Updated Better Vampires optional for version 6.3

[2013-07-05] Version 1.70: Added an optional script fix for the vampire lord transformation. Normally the vampire lord race transformation only stores your vampire race the first time you transform. If your race was not correctly set at the time, any vampire lord transformation will return you to the wrong race. This fixes this problem by storing your original vampire race each time. Do not use in combination with mods that change the dlc1vampiretransformvisual.pex script, excluding the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch, since this file is already includes the same changes. (Better Vampires, Vampiric Thirst and Belua Sanguinaris are all compatible at the time of this writing.)

[2013-05-22] Version 1.68: Updated Better Vampires optional for version 6.2

[2013-04-25] Version 1.67: Updated Better Vampires optional for version 6.1

[2013-04-19] Version 1.66: Added updated USKP override files I apparently forgot to package in the 1.64 update. Sorry.

[2013-03-30] Version 1.65: Updated for Better Vampires 6.0 (Note that the mortal's mask ability does not change your custom race appearance as this requires the presence of a second vampire race that is basically a clone of your original vampire race without the vampire appearance)
Also changed the name from "RaceCompatibility for Dawnguard plus vanilla version upgrades" as it was a little long and no longer entirely correct.

[2013-03-19] Version 1.64: Updated for Unofficial patches / Skyrim 1.9

[2013-03-04] Version 1.63: Added Better Vampires 5.9 support (new version) (updated 1 script). Haven't done extensive testing, but should work.

[2013-03-03] Version 1.62: Added Better Vampires 5.9 support (updated 1 script).

[2013-02-24] Version 1.61: Added Better Vampires 5.81 support (updated 2 scripts).

[2013-02-20] Version 1.60: Added Better Vampires 5.8 support (updated 2 scripts).

[2013-01-04] Version 1.50: fixed a few minor annoyances in the NMM installer, added the vampiric thirst (DG) patch to the NMM installer and added UFO only optionals (though you really should try USKP).

[2012-11-30] Version 1.41: fixed a minor issue with the esm being compiled against another version of a script. Update to this version if you don't want 2 messages about script properties not being there anymore. I'm also taking the NMM version out of beta, since it seems to work.

[2012-11-28]: Version 1.4 Beta: NMM installer with all options.

[2012-11-07]: Version 1.3a. I forgot a little fix yesterday for the DB cook quest for vanilla race vampires.

[2012-11-06]: Version 1.3 was just uploaded. This version fixes some issues with more recent versions of the USKP, as well as a few minor fixes with the gauldur amulet potentially not showing for Nord vampires (bug in vanilla).

[2012-10-06]: Version 1.2 was just uploaded. This fixes issues with multiple custom races. It is best to start a new game, but if you insist on continuing with an existing game, please follow the instructions in the included readme file.