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Adds the Khartor race, a wolf-elf like race with animated ears.

Permissions and credits
Update information: Vampire transform fixed. Huge thanks to TMPhoenix
Ear animations updated with some extra expression.

You will now need Race Menu to get full benefits.

Add character screenshots if you wish, always need more.

Male and Female versions
Animated ears, yes they move with expressions and moods. They color with the hair.
Layerable paints (if you use the race menu extender).
Most race addons that ad or change things with the Vanilla races should work and be available on them. (Such as Apachii's hair.)

+5 to One and Two Handed, Block, Sneak, Speech and Armor skills. They have bonus unarmed damage and are virtually immune to disease. Their power boosts health and stamina regen by a massive amount for 15 seconds.

Mini lore: With Q and A style. Ask about the race and get answers.
Origins/Details: The Khartor presumably descend from a group of wood Elves who revered the Wolf. Their true origins and names are long forgotten, the race it self just took on the name of the oldest known, the presumed original Khartor, being his or her name. All that is known now, is that their body were altered through use of magic, in order to make themselves more like their patron animal. The result of the physical manipulation changed their ears, making them become elongated and animal like. They gained larger, sometimes clawed hands. Their sense of smell and hearing increased, and while they still retain superior eye sight to most, lost some of the vision their progenitor race had.

The manipulations to their physiology also granted them superior physical healing ability, allowing them to recover from anything that wouldn't outright kill them, as well as allowing them to regrow some lost body parts. The last benefit of their regeneration comes in the form of resistance to disease, their bodies doing well to fight off infection. Through shere willpower, they can force their body to heal immediately, but it takes a toll upon them with time. Repeated use of forced regeneration will lower their life span, and eventually weaken their body.

Their strengths are not without cost however. The Khartor suffer from some emotional troubles, having difficulty controlling their own anger, lust, and aggression. This makes Khartor quite prone to getting into fights or causing trouble. This does however, lead to a cultural (and often personal) desire for discipline, leading to life long quests to control one's self, or so simply give in to their primal side. Those more willing to give into this darker side, may end up entering bouts of 'feral rage', in which they lose virtually all control of them self and go on violent rampage, in which they will wake up not remembering anything of.

Khartor have a poor magical aptitude, generally being inept with magic and frown upon its use, though it does not stop some from picking it up.
Culturally, the Khartor Value Strength, Discipline, Martial prowess, and physical ability. This actually makes them quite comparable to Orc, as they share many value, and quite often, take up the Orcish way of thinking. It also gives them small ties to the Nords, for many of the same reasons. It is unknown what gods of deity the Khartor worship.

Q: How is their regeneration?
A: Khartor can regenerate from virtually anything that doesn't kill them. They can't regrow limbs, but they can regrow smaller body parts. This includes Eyes, Teeth, Tongue, Ears, fingers, toes, and most organ. An eye would grow back after a few months, teeth days, most other parts over a few weeks to months. Despite their high healing rate, they still scar, and things don't always heal right, so they still need treatment to injuries. Their regenerative ability are represented in their powers, which includes near immunity to disease, and higher passive health regen.

Q: How long do they live for?
A: Natural life span of 300-500 years, depending on life style. They are unlikely to actually die of old age due to how well their body can heal. Most die as a result of injury or from adventure. They're sort of like Orc, in that when they think they're getting too old, they'll go find a nice fight to die to.

Q: How strong are they?
A: Khartor are physically strong and agile, they have greater strength then most others of similar size, due to having more dense muscle and well shaped body structure. This leaves them to often a bit lanky and thin, despite being stronger then their size suggests, however, they end up weighing more then one would think. They have very strong hands, some have clawed fingers and/or toes.

Q: How are they with magic?
A: Rather poor. Khartor generally do not use magic, few practice it, and they have a rather low aptitude for it.

Q: Why do they have a speech bonus?
A: They just do.

Recommended mods
Race Menu Extender: You'll need this for most of the features.
ApachiiSkyHair:If you want more hair.
Race Compatability:If you want vampire and wearwolf to work more correctly.

If you want to change the body, replace the textures in textures/Khartor/Face/Body And meshes in meshes/Khartor/Body
Extra marking set done by Veratai.
Uses slightly edited UNP body.

Some things might be off, point them out if you find them, or can/have fixed them. Tell me of any conflict or issue.
There's gaps around the ears for some hairs, this is due to the obvious shape difference.