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An elven half-breed seeking fame and fortune through the Civil War in Skyrim. This is a character preset.

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May Talos Guide You
This is a racemenu preset for the Succubus race.

I changed my character's name for the first time since I started playing and feel this is one of my most solid creations to date. It's similar body wise to my last character preset, but this one feels more refined and attention to more detail. It's one of those presets that just felt so right. Bonus points for anyone who can guess what game her name is from! Please feel free to upload screenshots of her in your game! I'd love to see.

Required Mods
KS Hairdos HDT
Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes Remastered
Succubus Race
Racemenu (obviously)
NetImmerseOverride (for Racemenu)

To make her look like the screenshots I have used the following mods (there's A LOT):

Seductive Lips HD
Face Light
Kai's Makeup for Skyrim
KJ Tattoos
Perfection UUNP Bodyslide Preset (what I'm using)
BodySlide Studio 2 
Elewin Jewelry Piercings for UNP (nose, Monroe, and belly button piercings)
KS Jewelry (earrings)
I'm using Antique Dragon ENB with DOF from Snapdragon ENB


1. Install RaceMenu, NetImmerseOverride (and SKSE if you don't already have it)
2. Install RaceCompatibility
3. Install Succubus
4. Install KS Hairdos - HDT
5. Drag and drop the files into your Skyrim/Data folder
6. Load your game and press the ~ (tilde) key and type "showracemenu" (without quotes)
7. Go to the Presets tab and press F9 to load the preset
8. Go to Sculpt tab and load the sculpt data

NOTE: To get the PureSkinTexture and Seductive Lips HD to show up on custom races you have to manually install the textures into the races texture folder


Love Wynnter? Follow my DeviantArt for the official fan club! See updated screenshots of my character.