Khartor Race by Nouserhere
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Added: 04/06/2013 - 12:52PM
Updated: 17/07/2014 - 07:30AM

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Last updated at 7:30, 17 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 12:52, 4 Jun 2013

Another new race, the Khartor, inspired by the Wolf Elf from Oblivion, and other things.

Update information
New eye textures and minor tweaks.
You will now need Race Menu to get full benefits.

Add character screenshots if you wish, always need more.

Male and Female versions
Animated ears, yes they move with expressions and moods. They color with the hair.
Layerable paints (if you use the race menu extender).
Most race addons that ad or change things with the Vanilla races should work and be available on them. (Such as Apachii's hair.)

+5 to One and Two Handed, Block, Sneak, Speech and Armor skills. They have bonus unarmed damage and are virtually immune to disease. Their power boosts health and stamina regen by a massive amount for 15 seconds.

Recommended mods
Race Menu Extender: You'll need this for most of the features.
ApachiiSkyHair:If you want more hair.
Race Compatability:If you want vampire and wearwolf to work more correctly.

If you want to change the body, replace the textures in textures/Khartor/Face/Body And meshes in meshes/Khartor/Body
Extra marking set done by Veratai.
Uses slightly edited UNP body.

Some things might be off, point them out if you find them, or can/have fixed them. Tell me of any conflict or issue.
There's gaps around the ears for some hairs, this is due to the obvious shape difference.