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Saving the character Indra Uchiha for The Uchiha Clan

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After a long time I managed to complete almost skyrim and its dlc, in this savegame we get almost 99% of completed missions, all the perks and abilities have been unlocked as well as spells and shoots.
During the game, all the keys, books, and materials needed for the completed missions have been collected.
The character in question has the following statistics:

  • Class: Uchiha
  • Name: Indra
  • Level: 136
  • Magicka: 1000000
  • Health: 1000000
  • Stamina: 1000000

Every aspect of The Uchiha Clan has been added, even though I chose the path of Sasuke, there are also spells that do not compete like:

  • The Mokuton jutsu (Madara)
  • Rinnegan Jutsu (Nagato,Madara,Sasuke)
  • Kotoamatsukami 1,2,3 (Shisui)
  • Kamui (all jutsu,Tobi,Kakashi)
  • Sharingan copy spell(Kakashi)
  • Perfect Susanoo etc..

The quest to unlock the rinnegan has been completed and the Rinnegan is active even if the eyes do not show it (I preferred the mangekyou sharingan for a matter of personal taste) but can be changed in the section of the McM. For more detailed information go as well here on the original mod  
In addition there is the Become High King of Skyrim V2 here, the original mod which allows it to be the "king of kings" of skyrim, even the quest for this mod has been met.
You find yourself to be the King of Kings ever stronger than ever.