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For users of custom races. Adds IDs to the SCS_Races and SCS_RaceVampire formlists for Sacrosanct.

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Update again (06/11/2017): I am remaking the patches I have so that the USKPOverride is not needed.  Thus your load order should look like this:

(Custom Race)

The new patches will carry forward the vampire race dialogue lines without breaking the Sacrosanct script for your custom race.

UPDATE:  This is possibly no longer needed.  Update your version of Race Compatibility with Dawnguard by TMPhoenix and make sure that the USKP Override loads before Sacrosanct.  If you still want me to make one, though, I will be happy to try.

If you want to use a race based on Race Compatibility with Dawnguard by TMPhoenix with Sacrosanct by EnaiSiaion, here are tiny patches that add the required information to the formlists for Sacrosanct.

Your load order should be:

RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp (if used)
(Custom Race)

Patches currently available:

If you have an issue with turning into a Sacrosanct Vampire when using this patch, please let me know and I will do my best to help you.

It should go without saying but, you need the latest version of Skyrim and all the files mentioned here.  Also, you can only use one of these patches at a time.