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Bear one of two new Rings of Power, the Dark Ring or the Pure Ring. The Dark Ring turns Man into Nazguls, spirits that are eternal servants to the Dark Lord, Sauron. The Pure Ring is crafted for Elves with pure hearts and spirits, who are able to use the powers of two Lights, a mixture of Purifying and Protective Lights.

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How to access the mod in-game
When you arrive wherever you arrive (in Helgen or if you have the Random Alternate Start mod from another location), head to Whiterun as soon as possible. When you do, enter the Hall of the Dead there. After you enter, there will be an Artifact Chest far down the hallway as soon as you enter the Hall of the Dead. It should be on the right near the second door leading to where people are buried. Once you open the chest, grab everything. They are listed as stolen because of the cell it's in, but don't worry. You get no bounty for grabbing the items, and if carrying stolen items is a problem to you, just use the Breezehome key from the Artifact Chest to get in the house and open the chest on the left as soon as you load in. There you can swap out your stolen versions of the items to non-stolen ones. Put on your Ring of Power. Be advised, if you are not Elvenkind you probably shouldn't put on the Dark Ring and vice versa. You can if you want though, it'll just make your character's face and height change a bit. Go in your quick menu (default button Q) after marking the Ring of your choosing and its respective Artifacts that come along with it. Hotkey the Ring and the Artifacts so that you can equip and remove them quickly in combat.

The Dark Ring 

There are two rings you can choose from. One ring, the Dark Ring, is intended to be used by Man in order to turn them into a Nazgul, a Ringwraith. The Dark Lord was said to enter Skyrim from another dimension and grant a dying warrior a new Ring of Power he crafted, with the intention of having dominion over a new realm with one powerful servant. That Nazgul is tasked by the Dark Ring to raise an entire army of the dead and take over all the land. Wear this ring on human-based races only. It is not advised to use it with other creatures as the rings change the player's race.

As the bearer of the Dark Ring, you will gain a multitude of powers that are intended to create and face an army of foes at once. Powers include but are not limited to:

- Summoning Wights at your side
- Raising the dead temporarily or permanently 
- Casting Dark/Nazgul Spells that doom and destroy
- Utilizing your Ringwraith Form

With your arsenal of powers, you can fight as a full Dark Caster, a Spellsword, or a Necromancer. As the bearer of the Dark Ring you attracted the help of the Spider Queen Shelob, who allows you to use your dark power to summon attacking spider minions and a "friend" to help you travel around. 


Artifacts are relics that extend upon the powers of the corresponding Ring of your choosing.

Nazgul Mask of Telabek
The Dark Ring is connected to the Nazgul Mask of Telabek, the warrior that was given the Dark Ring on the verge of death. Donning his mask allows you to temporarily enter your full Ringwraith form, move at full Wraith speed (time is slowed), raise the dead permanently on cast, and gain a great boost to melee damage and damage reduction. You can also cast a power at any time during your temporary but full transformation. There is a book in-game that you can read, in fact more than one, that will tell you more about the artifacts and how they work. It is advised to favorite and hotkey the Mask so that you can instantly use its power in combat.

Nazgul Necromancer's Amulet
The original bearer of the Dark Ring, Telabek the "Risen" (from the dead), crafted a magical amulet with the little non-corrupted life force he had left. He used it to reach pure Wraiths or Elven Spirits of Light that would save him from his doom. Instead, he summoned vengeful Elven Wraiths of the fallen soldiers that lost the war against Sauron. Those archers from Celebrimbor's army were grateful that someone brought them forth, and took it as an opportunity to enact vengeance. With his Nazgul power, the wielder of the Amulet can use Elven Rage, summoning forth a firing squad of Elven Wraith archers while summoning a Ringwraith Bow of their own to join in.

Note: If an artifact is lost, go in the Breezehome and check the chest on the immediate left upon entering. There are plenty of duplicates in there.

The Pure Ring

This is the other ring, the Pure Ring, which was crafted by an Elven savior to stop the new Nazgul of the Dark Ring. This Ring of Power is intended to be worn only by Elvenkind, and uses the power of two types of powerful light magic, Wraith Light like Celebrimbor's and Protective Light like Galadriel's. Combining the two creates Pure Wraith Light, which is to purge darkness from the land. Wear this on Elf races only. It is not advised to wear on beast races or humans.

As the bearer of the Pure Ring, you will use powers that include grand Light magic, archery, stealth and sabotage in the sessions of great combat and times of peril. Powers include but are not limited to:

- Summoning of Elven Wraith bows that have different deadly effects 
- Light spells that tear through your foes and keep you alive 
- Magic mines that disrupt enemies and eradicate crowds 
- Grand Wraith powers that single out and neutralize powerful foes

With your arsenal of powers, you can fight as a Light Mage, Elven Wraith Archer, a Mage Assassin, or a Spellsword. Your Light attracted the attention of Mordor's Mother Nature, Carnan. With this power, manipulate foes with a curse and summon a Nature Spirit at your side.


Frost Queen's Crest (Circlet)
Azariel the "Savior" explored Chillwind Depths, discovering her Pure Ring's connection to the Wraith Frost. After surviving what it offered, the Ring's will led her to a crest of a past Elven Frost Lord, who previously used it to summon "Soldiers of the Winter". Should you equip it, the Pure Ring will allow you access to summon some of Celebrimbor's passed soldiers of the era against Sauron as Wraiths, with the Ring granting them Bright Blades. It also allows you to unleash your true form as the Frost Wraith Lord (King or Queen). The artifact's name is solely because of who originally rediscovered it.

The rest of the information is in the books from the chests in-game. Enjoy!


SE Version is OUT! 
Thanks to Stormwolf (some know him as Hirostormwolf) on YouTube! Be sure to check out his channel!
If you just so happen to look at my channel as well, (Apocalyptic Fury), you can check out my channel/talk to me there too!
I have a bit of an addition coming up as well. I'm also still planning out and deciding what to add next. Stay tuned!


The two Rings of Power are bound to those that become one with the Rings. This means that if your are wearing a Dark Ring or Pure Ring (universal), certain things will be different for you.

Here are some guidelines in case you don't notice:

1. Because you are not a full/true Ringwraith or Pure Wraith, detrimental effects from your powers CAN affect you. Not necessarily meaning they will kill you, but negative effects such as cancelling your spell buffs can and will happen. (NOW THERE IS A NAZGUL PROTECTIVE POWER TO PREVENT THIS! It's currently uploading as I type this message update.) The Pure Ring's possible detrimental effects can be easily avoided. The Serpent and Fire Wraith Shots for the Wraith Bow remain the same. There was an infinite loop of explosive darkness on your character if the effect of the Balefire Bow hit you from an enemy, IF you were using the universal Dark Ring rather than Telabek's official Dark Ring. I added a note to the chest in Hall of the Dead and additional notes in the Breezehome chest in case you lose the original.

2. You can still use artifacts the way they are supposed to be used. 

3. You can still equip and re-equip your Ring of Power for a quick health and magicka replenish, BUT your equipped Nazgul/Pure spells will be undone.


To any confused users of my Universal Compatibility Update, I APOLOGIZE! 
You want to look for the rings called Dark Ring and Pure Ring! These are the exact names in game. DO NOT use Telabek's Dark Ring or Azariel's Pure Ring if you do not want your race to change!


Thank you all for the support! 
Recently, a tragic event occurred. My modding/work computer died. I will not be able to finish a mod update I've been working on for you guys until November 28th. Even so, I will be getting a new laptop to work on this upcoming date thanks to yahwehchild on Discord. Thank you! His large money donation of $400 dollars allowed me to buy a new computer. Also the others who pitched in, or rather the first people who pitched in, Hirostormwolf (Stormwolf on YouTube) who gave me SE Skyrim and Recon on Discord who gave me $5 towards my purchase get a big thanks from me as well. Thank you both! Bless all of you, thank you very much. 

Also, check out Stormwolf's channel on YouTube. Please support him, as he has been in a bind as well. Watch his videos, drop a like and a sub. 
Stay tuned, and thank you all again!

NOTE: If you want to donate to me for some friendly reason, my PayPal is Suku Alabujade (yes lmao I know the last name is long.) If you do donate, thank you very much and be blessed! I will be sure to credit/shout you out. Without people like yahwehchild, Recon, and Stormwolf, I would never have a chance of continuing my mod. Thanks again for downloading my mod!


I apologize to all of my people....I have been working on this update for you guys and there was a Creation Kit plugin corruption. The update has been setback because of it, and I am currently trying to recover and recreate the missing files. Thank you again for supporting my mod, and enjoy the holidays!


If you all want to know, yes, I am still working on the first next update. It's just because it takes a long time, as it took me months to create, bug test, bug fix, and polish this original mod. Thank you for your support, and thank you again for downloading my mod, The Ring Is Mine!