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Play as the Maormer in a lore friendly and balanced way.

Permissions and credits
Maormerious - Sea Elves of Skyrim

Maormerious implements the Pyandonean Maormer as a playable race in a lore friendly way. Don't forget to endorse if you like it!

I have begun a mod that is going to add NPCs of my various races throughout Skyrim. If you would like to contribute to the project, either as a quest scripter, writer, or even a dungeon designer, send me a message!

You can find updates on the Zebsirious NPC Expansion as well as any of my other projects here!

This mod is out of date. An updated version can be found here, as part of my Zebsirious race compilation.

  • A new playable race, the Maormer
  • Imperious-style stats and abilities

Maormer skill bonuses

+10 Sneak
+10 One Handed
+5 Destruction
+5 Light Armor
+5 Alteration
+5 Conjuration

Stats and abilities

Health: 90
Magicka: 100
Stamina: 110
Health regeneration: 0.75%
Magicka regeneration: 3.25%
Stamina regeneration: 4.75%
Carry Weight: 300

  • Colorless: Become partially invisible at will. Health, Magicka, and Stamina don't regenerate while the effect is active.
  • Snake Charmer: You can tame giant snakes by defeating them.
  • Water of Life: Rapidly regenerate Magicka and Stamina when low on health.

Quest reward - Perform 25 sneak attacks to unlock
Tempest1/day - Summon a violent thunderstorm for 60 seconds. Shock spells cost 50% less during the storm.

Snake Charming

You can find 3 unique giant snakes throughout Skyrim. If you are a Maormer, killing a snake will "tame" it, giving you a power to summon the defeated snake for 60 seconds, once a day. Be sure to deliver the final blow, or you may not get the power.

  • Raena: Weakest (80% of player level, min level 5) of the snakes, can be found behind the abandoned shack.

  • Etoni: Second strongest (Equal to player level, min level 10) of the snakes, can be found beneath the bridge to the College of Winterhold.

  • Telin: Strongest (120% of player level, min level 15) of the snakes, can be found on the small island behind Septimus Signus' Outpost.



While not gamebreaking, using Etheral Elven Overhaul causes some clipping issues on Maormer with beards.

A bashed patch may be necessary for compatibility with mods that edit headparts formlists.


I used assets from other authors, so you must get their permission before using anything from this mod.

But as long as I am credited and notified, you may, without my permission:
  • Upload translations of this mod
  • Make compatibility patches for this mod
  • Port this mod over to SSE

If you'd like to use assets of this mod for any other reason, you must get my permission first. 

Recommended Mods

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Falmerious - My Imperious-esque Snow Elf race mod
RaceMenu - Character Creation is just as important as racial stats and abilities.

EnaiSiaion for inspiration and a couple scripts
Den987 for Maormer bodies
expired6978 for RacialCompatibility
TMPhoenix for RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard
MihailMods for the snakes