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About this mod

Zebsirious introduces 7 new, Imperious-formatted playable races to Skyrim, bringing the total to 17!

Permissions and credits
SSE version available here

Shout out to SinitarGaming for showcasing the mod <3


  • 7 new playable races
  • Imperious formatting (3 passive abilities and a quest-unlocked power for each race)
  • Configuration Options via Zebsirious MCM
  • Compatibility patches for Growl, Morningstar, and Sacrosanct

Racial Bonuses


Health: 105
Magicka: 90
Stamina: 105
Health regeneration: 0.75%
Magicka regeneration: 2.875%
Stamina regeneration: 5.0%
Carry Weight: 275

  • Logic and Reason: Crafting skills are 15% more effective, but shrine blessings are 15% weaker.
  • Mind Over Matter: Dwemer blood grants a 10% resistance to all sources of damage.
  • Scholarly Heritage: Skill books grant an additional skill point when read.

Quest reward - Read 15 skill books to unlock...
Rewire: 1/day - Turn a hostile Dwarven animunculus into a permanent ally.


Health: 105
Magicka: 95
Stamina: 100
Health regeneration: 0.5%
Magicka regeneration: 3.125%
Stamina regeneration: 5.25%
Carry Weight: 300

  • Cohesion: You may activate ore veins and geodes to cohere with them for a unique effect. Only one ability may be active at a time.
  • Conductive: Incoming spells are intensified by your skin, making them 15% more effective or last 15% longer.
  • Metallic: Kothringi skin is 15% resistant to weapon damage, and 50% resistant to poison.

Quest reward - Cohere with ore veins and geodes 5 times to unlock...
Solidify1/day - Recome invulnerable for 20 seconds.


Health: 85
Magicka: 100
Stamina: 115
Health regeneration: 0.75%
Magicka regeneration: 3.125%
Stamina regeneration: 5.5%
Carry Weight: 275

  • Cunning: Prices are 15% better, and persuasion attempts are easier.
  • Flight Instinct: Regenerate up to 15% of total Stamina per second, based on missing Health.
  • Limber: Movement speed is increased by 10%; immunity to paralysis.

Quest reward - Discover 30 locations to unlock...
Nomadic Sprint1/day - Move at a greatly enhanced speed for 60 seconds.


Health: 90
Magicka: 100
Stamina: 110
Health regeneration: 0.75%
Magicka regeneration: 3.125%
Stamina regeneration: 4.875%
Carry Weight: 300

  • Protean: Gain a 20% resistance to the magical element last struck by.
  • Tempest: Shock spells and effects are 15% more effective.
  • Water of Life: Breathe underwater, and regenerate 10% of max Magicka and Stamina per second while swimming.

Quest reward - Perform 25 sneak attacks to unlock...
ColorlessAt will - Become partially invisible.


Health: 105
Magicka: 100
Stamina: 95
Health regeneration: 0.75%
Magicka regeneration: 3.25%
Stamina regeneration: 4.875%
Carry Weight: 275

  • Extrasensory: See the world in a different light; your Sixth Sense detects hostile presences coming within 75 feet.
  • Foresight: Once per battle, activate an enemy to foresee and better react to their attacks.
  • Inner Focus: Never suffer critical damage; critical strike chance is increased by 10%.

Quest reward - Foresee attacks 20 times to unlock...
Third Eye: At will - See through the eye of another for 15 seconds. Unsheathe to dispel.

Sinistral Mer

Health: 90
Magicka: 110
Stamina: 100
Health regeneration: 0.75%
Magicka regeneration: 3.25%
Stamina regeneration: 4.75%
Carry Weight: 275

  • Cheap Shot: Attacks of opportunity are 15% more effective.
  • Merciless: Do 15% more damage with any effect that an opponent is weak to.
  • Mirage: See illusory structures that others cannot; activate them for a perk point.

Quest reward - Activate 5 mirages to unlock...
Sand Phantom: At will - Temporarily expend some Health to create a Sand Phantom.

Snow Elf

Health: 100
Magicka: 105
Stamina: 95
Health regeneration: 0.75%
Magicka regeneration: 3.125%
Stamina regeneration: 4.875%
Carry Weight: 275

  • Blood and Snow: Attack damage, critical damage, and spell effectiveness are increased by 20% during snowfall.
  • Frostborn: Snow Elven blood grants 50% Frost resistance and a 15% bonus to Frost spells and enchantments.
  • Permafrost: Your icy skin freezes the air around you, draining 10 Stamina per second from enemies in melee range.

Quest reward - Kill 25 enemies during snowfall to unlock...
Touch of Winter1/day - Encase surrounding enemies in ice for 20 seconds. Frozen enemies take reduced damage.

Check the documentation for details on necessary abilities and powers.


• Zebsirious is obviously not compatible with the individual mods. 

• Patches for Sacrosanct and Growl are available for download under Optional Files. Each includes new vampiric/werebeast abilities for each Zebsirious race.

• A Morningstar patch is available for download under Optional Files. This patch only requires Zebsirious.

• A patch for Requiem can be found here.

Wintersun users can use the Wintersun MCM to disable race requirements to allow Zebsirious' races to worship.


I used several assets from other authors, so you must get their permission before using any of their assets.

But as long as I am credited and notified, you may, without my permission:
  • Upload translations of this mod
  • Make compatibility patches for this mod(except for body mods or waifus)

If you'd like to use assets of this mod for any other reason, you must get my permission first. 

Will you make x race?
If it's from the lore, there's a pretty good chance I already plan on makign it, eventually.

Will you make a patch to give x custom race mod Imperious abilities?

Hard pass.

Extrasensory's novelty wore off and now the effect is kinda annoying.
Use the MCM to remove the ability. The effect can be restored at any time.

Extrasensory stopped working.
Use the MCM to remove and readd the ability. You may need to do this a couple times to make the ability take effect again.


EnaiSiaion for inspiration and a few scripts 
expired6978 for RacialCompatibility
TMPhoenix for RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard
Dreamcuphk for Lilmothiit Bodies
Bad Dog for Lilmothiit textures
Blazze69 for Lilmothiit textures