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Adds a new race,the Epic Elves with new eyes and eyebrows from pretty face for all human races.

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- Script Fixes, and RACEMENU compatibility.
-Optional Highpoly (citrus headmesh) for females, with elven ears.
- Improved textures.
- Stats and powers overhaul.



This mod adds a new race,called Epic Elves,originally created for Oblivion by Kani_hime
Epic elves feel a bond with nature and strive to live in harmony with the natural world. They are proficient with bows and potions as well as healing magic.
The raceial bonuses are :


Illusion       +10
Marksman  +5
Restoration +5
Speechcraft +5
Enchanting +5
Alchemy     +5

Resitance to Magicka 25
Lesser Power:
Command Animal.

Change Body?
If you want to use your own custom bodyslide preset, or whatever bodycrap you like, please place the files in this folder:

You'll have to put femalebody_0 and _1.nif
femalehands_0 and_1.nif
femalefeet_0 and _1.nif

Do not replace textures nless you want a neckseam.
Use CBBE version for cbbe based bodies and UNP version for anything else.

Known Issues

Male Version does not support BEARDS. due to the custom morph used by the race. Don't like,don't use.
Males share textures with Vanilla wood elves. so the overall appearance relies on wht you are using.


use NMM\ any mod manager., or drag and drop the files into your data folder.


De-activate the esp in skyrim launcher and remove these folders:

delete the esp (Epic Elves by zzjay.esp) from your skyrim data folder.