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I created this race a long long time ago for my own use, in order to test if a character with custom body parts (feet, hands, tail...) will work correctly with body change features from my mod BodyTypes of Skyrim. But some people have asked me to share it as a new mod, and since actually I've some free time, I'll try to do it.

Note that this is a work in progress, female part is on an advanced stage but male need to be polished... If you find bugs, tell me please.
If anyone want to collaborate with some resources, presets, suggestions, etc, is wellcome.


A race from another world, with extravagantly colored skin. Any resemblance to draenei race is purely coincidental...

Include an adult variant, with warrior focused skills, and a teen variant with mage focused skills.
These races don't have a racial ability attached, but include a racial power (find it on magic inventory, powers section) which add/remove spells and abilities depending on player level:

Level 0:
- Speed, jump and carry improvements
- Claws damage (unarmed damage improved)
- Calm animals (creatures don't attack you when sneaking)
- Hydrophobia (a simple waterwalking spell)

Level 15:
- Vanish (Invisibility spell)
- Radiance (a light effect to see in the dark)

Level 30:
- Terror (Fear area effect)
- Jet stream (an airflow that push and damage your enemies)


Install as usual with your mod manager or manually.

Includes a follower addon, if you don't want follower, disable or remove esp file.


- RaceCompatibility
- XPMS Extended, HDT extensions, and all stuff needed for HDT system to work (or replace body if you don't want HDt system).
- Racemenu
- Add your favorite warpaints to Data\textures\actors\character\Skynauts\tintmask (FemaleHeadWarpaint_01 to FemaleHeadWarpaint_12 for females and MaleHeadWarpaint_01 to MaleHeadWarpaint_12 for males).
- "Hooves stepset for beast races" is included, so you don't need it for hooves steps, but since doesn't include
sound files I recommend you to install them from IHSS.


It uses vanilla resources for some body parts (for example brows), so probably it will look different to pictures depending on vanilla replacers you are using.

Included textures are compressed or low-res to reduce file size, if you want better ones download them from original authors,
or you can replace with other variants if you wish.

Doesn't include hair styles, but can use custom hair designed for human races.

This race can use boots and shoes, but I recommend to use armor sets with separated parts which include greaves, etc, so hooves aren't hidden.

Follower location: A balcony on a dwemer tower called Reachwind Eyrie.

List of things to do

- Full male support.
- Add more racial abilities/spells.
- Custom animations, actually I'm using vanilla idles.
- Patches for compatibility.


Well, since I created this race a long time ago, and I've tons of resource files in my HD... I could not find original author for some used resources, so if you are one of these authors or know them tell me please and I'll credit properly or remove files if necessary.

Nouserhere: Horns and tail and probably other things are from Kaleen Race

HHaleyy: Fair Skin

Nuska: is the author of hooves and other resources.

Follower uses KS Hairdos hair.

Follower outfit is from Princes of the Woods.

All people involved in Bodyslide and UUNP developement.

KingsGambit for invisibility fix.