Tsaesci Race - Snake-like race from Akavir by SpikeDragonLord and jboyd4
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Adds the snake-like Tsaesci race to Skyrim. There are two variations of this race, one with more reptilian heads and the other with more humanoid heads. The mod includes four followers, two located in Rorikstead at Frostfruit Inn and the other two located at the Winking Skeever in Solitude.

Also of note is that this race shares head parts with Orcs due to them having somewhat oriental hairstyles and I thought this species should have the capacity to grow hair to better differentiate them from Argonians even more, however not all Orc head parts will appear well on the Tsaesci except for the intended oriental hairstyles. But if you don't like the idea of them having hair then don't worry since non-Man Tsaesci can still use Argonian hairstyles.

When installing this mod make sure to put it near the end of your load order. Also feel free to use this mod as a resource or make improvements upon it so long as I receive a small credit.

The Tsaesci, which means Snake Palace, are a race of vampiric serpents originating from the continent of Akavir, east of Tamriel. The serpent-folk apparently "ate" the men that lived on Akavir, although this phrase could mean that they assimilated with them as a culture. Their appearance has been described differently on many occasions, the only consistency being that they are "tall, beautiful (if frightening), [and] covered in golden scales." They have been described as having human upper bodies and serpentine lower bodies in some cases and being entirely snake-like in others. The Tsaesci are known to fight without shields or armor, using only swords in combat. The nature of the race is a tapestry of historical contradictions, so what little is known about them is uncertain. It is impossible to separate fact from possible embellishments by storytellers eager to make the Tsaesci more monstrous.

Lore info originates from this site:

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Known Issues
A dead Tsaesci's tail will become deformed after death due to the fixed nature of the tail and the body going ragdoll upon death. Only way to undo it is to exit Skyrim and reload the game.

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Future Updates
Snake heads.

Moving tails.

Possibly a quest.