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Mod adds "Lara" from the game Tomb raider 2013 as race and companion.

Permissions and credits
  • English
The mod adds new race "Lara" and companion. Model of head fully taken from the game. Made on the basis of breton race. Companion can be found in the bannered mare.

  • Work mophs.
  • Have is two new hair.
  • UNPB body.
  • The ability to remove clothes and put on.
  • Custom voice on russian.
  • There is a voice of vanilla(LaraRaceNCV-ESP).

(please report bugs)
  • Some helmets will fall through the head.
          This is due to the model of the head. Since the models of headgear a lot I will not fix it.

  • The clothing disappears from the companion after leaving the location.
          Solution: come out and come back.

  • If you have dark eyes.
          It is connected maybe with enb.Try turning it off.

  1. NCV - No Custom Voice only VANILLA.
  2. ECV - English Custom Voice.
  3. RCV - Russian Cutom Voice.
  4. NCV-E - No Custom Voice only VANILLA in english.
  5. NCV-R - No Custom Voice only VANILLA in russian.

  • Added 22 new sound files.
  • The texture of the hair is corrected.
  • Fixed two morphs and added one new.
  • Added jewelry
  • Added tintmasks
  • Added the ability to ride a companion on a horse(Custom voice version).
  • Added morphs of face.
  • Changed the timing of phrases.
  • Fixed stats.
  • Lara will not retreat now.


   Hair by konradm96 from deviantart.
   UNP BLESSED BODY by Blessed Redux Project team.
   RaceMenu by Expired.
   SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa.
   I by my mom
   Thanks Crystal Dynamics for excellent game and GoogleTranslate for translate.