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The Sinister Blade
League Of Legends Inspired Katarina

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Hello :)
this is a simple present for Katarina if you want your character to look like her. She is League of Legends inspired^^

For her armor I used the TERA armor collection

To make her look exactly like this you will have to install a couple of mods im sorry^^
hope you enojoy :D


  • SKSE
  • Racemenu
  • RaceComnpability with Fixes
  • RaceMenu Skeleton Sliders
  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton
  • UNP Body /CBBE Bodies
  • UNP Texture Blender (only with UNP)
  • The Ningheim Race
  • No More Blocky Faces
  • Better Females By Bella
  • Smile in HD
  • No More Ugly Bronze Shine
  • KS Hairdos 265
  • The Eyes Of Beauty
  • Better Makeup for SKSE
  • Real Girls Realistic Body Texture
  • SG female Texture Renewal
  • Mature Skin
  • SG Female Eyebrows
  • Optional: Facelight

How To Install:
The Installation Is very easy and should not take much time.
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets
If you haven't saved any Character Presents yet, this folder may be empty, but just put my file 0.slot in there, this contains Moniques Present. Overwrite if asked.
Then open your game and go into the RaceMenu (open console by ^ and type in
showracemenu, enter), there at the bottom you should be able to see Load
Present (F5). Press that and your character will  load up. It should
look like mine, if not I'm sorry.

I made thsi mod for fun and i hope you enjoy :)
- Fiona