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This mod adds twelve new child races to the RS Children mod by Ranaline; khajiit child, argonian child,dark elf child, high elf child, orc child, and wood elf child and their vampire races too. This mod makes these races and all other child races added by the original mod playable. There are 12 adoptable children included.

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RS Elven Children

This mod adds six new child races to the RS Children mod by Ranaline; dark elf child, high elf child, orc child, wood elf child, khajiit child, and argonian child. This mod makes these races and all other child races added by the original mod playable.  I am not the author of the original mod. The original mod was made by Ranaline. 

Looking for the SSE version? Click here.

There are 12 adoptable children included. There are two for each race, a boy and a girl. Here are their backstories:

Race: Dark Elf Child 
Location: Sadri's Used Wares in Windhelm

Thoryn's parents died trying to escape the devistation of their homeland. Sadri felt sorry for the young boy who he found begging on the streets and gave him a job at his store located in the grey quarter for room and board. 

Race: Dark Elf Child
Location: Mistveil Keep in Riften

Noveni was originally from Tel Mithryn. She was the youngest member of house Telvanni. She left her homeland for Skyrim to study different kinds of magic. She is now an apprentice to the court mage of Riften. 

Race: Wood Elf Child
Location: Riverwood Outskirts

Daenlin and his father moved to Skyrim two years ago with his father. He missed his life in Valenwood and his home. Daenlin really looks up to the only other Bosmer in town, a man named Faendal. When his father died fighting for the empire, Faendal let Daenlin live with him. He's a good hunter for someone his size and likes to hunt outside town.

Race:  Wood Elf Child
Location:  Hunters Rest

Cassandra never knew her parents. She was adopted by a young Bosmer woman who was part of a group of hunters living at Hunter's Rest. Tired of living the simple life of a hunter, Cassandra's mother joined a group of bandits at a nearby fort. Cassandra mostly guards the little shack waiting for her adoptive mother to come home. 

Race:  High Elf Child
Location:  Winterhold College Arcanaeum

Mirie was a magical prodigy who learned her first spell at the age of four. Her parents were poor farmers who didn't know how to use magic at all, so they sent her off to the College of Winterhold. Mirie was happy to be in an environment where she could learn and grow until one day she received a letter from the jarl about her parents' death at the hands of bandits. Mirie is grief-stricken to this day, but she dreams of a home and a family.

Race:  High Elf Child
Location:  The White Phail Windhelm

Cirion hates Windhem and wanted to return to the Summerset Isles. Ever since his father died, he has been trying to find a way out of that town. One day, an old man told Cirion that he was his grandfather. The old man was Nurellion, an alchemist that owns a shop in town. Cirion didn't really know if he really was his grandfather or not, but he moved in with him at his shop anyway. It wasn't long until Cirion realized that his "grandfather" was very sick. He now worries about what will happen to him if he lost the only person who was ever kind to him. 

Race:  Orc Child
Location: Gloombound Mine Smithy

Yagak's mother was a city orc. She left behind her only son and left for Dawnstar. The forge wife took a liking to Yagak and taught him how to smith. Now he spends most of his time there at the smithy helping out the tribe.  He wonders if his mom is ever going to come back to the stronghold and if she ever cared about him at all. 

Race:  Orc Child
Location:  Mor Khazgur Longhouse 

Atarga's father was a worker at the mines. He hated the long hours and the back-breaking work at the mine and wanted something better for his daughter. He started keeping some of the orichalcium ore he mined and selling it in town. He had a small savings built up so he and his daughter could leave the stronghold and start a new life. Unfortunately, he was caught by an orc mining beside him who informed the chief. The chief demanded that Atarga's father pay the blood-price. He lost his life that day. The chief then sent Atarga to work at the mine's in her father's place. She waits for someone to take her in and show her some kindness.

Race: Khajiit Child
Location:  wanders skyrim with Kharjo's caravan (mostly staying outside of Dawnstar)

Anjari was kidnapped from her home in Elsweyr when she was 
three. For two years, she lived under the tyrany of her cruel 
captors. One day while they were travelling the roads of 
Skyrim, seeking shelter for the night, Anjari and her 
captors passed by a khajiit caravan. Kharjo, a valliant 
khajiit warrior, heard Anjari's muffled cries and came to her
rescue. Anjari doesn't know who her family is, or if they're
alive somewhere searching for her. She looks up to 
Kharjo as a role model, but she would be happier if 
she had a home and a family. 

Race:  Khajiit Child
Location:  wanders skyrim with Khayla's caravan (mostly stays outside of Markarth)

M'dasha was one of the unfortunant children that lived 
in honorhall orphanage under the terror of Grelod the 
Kind. He would sometimes go out on the streets of 
Riften begging for gold. One day, he saved enough 
gold to pay for a carriage to Markarth, so he waited 
until everyone was asleep and snuck out the front door. 
At the Markarth Stables he finally felt safe. He was found 
begging for food by a khajiit caravan. They felt such pity 
for him, they decided to let him stay with them for a 
while. M'dasha refuses to give up on his dream of having 
a family of his own. 

Race:  Argonian Child
Location:  Windhelm Docks

When Vistha-Kai and his father arrived in Windhelm, 
they were told they must go live and work at the docks 
outside of town. The work was hard, and the days were long. 
The only thing Vistha-Kai looked forward to was seeing his 
father every day at dinner time. Vistha-Kai started seeing 
less and less of his father every day. He thought it was 
because he was being worked too hard, but in reality his 
father had become addicted to skooma. After three days 
of not seeing his father at all, he searched around the docks. 
That was when he heard some other argonians say that 
he was killed by his best friend after steeling gold from him. 
This made Vistha-Kai inconsolable. He stays at the docks 
in Windhelm waiting for someone who will show him 
some kindness. 

Race:  Argonian Child
Location:  Morthal

Wonders-at-Stars is quite rare as argonians go. She is 
the only one she knows that can use magic. Her 
mother in Morrowind spent a large sum of money to 
send her off to the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. 
Unfortunately, the ship she and her mother were on didn't 
make it to Winterhold. It run aground west of Dawnstar. 
Wonders-at-Stars was filled with sadness when she 
learned she was the sole survivor of the shipwreck. 
Without a map, she wandered southwest in the opposite 
direction of Winterhold. After a while, she found a town 
named Morthal. She stays close to the swamps outside 
town to keep from being noticed by the guards and 
shipped off to an orphanage. A wizard named Falion has 
taken her under his wing and has tought her many new 
things about magic. Wonders-at-Stars is content with her 
new life in skyrim, but sometimes she wishes for a family 
where she can belong.


This mod also makes all child clothes craftable at the tanning rack. They require linen wraps which can be crafted with tundra cotton. These clothes now have armor ratings and can be tempered at the armor workbench.

How to install:
Install manually to Skyrim's data folder or using your favorite mod installer.

IMPORTANT:  If you are asked to overwrite any files while installing these mods, make sure you say yes or yes to all.

I would like to thank Ranaline for the original mod and all other modders who helped make the original mod as well.

Original Creator's Credits.
-Ren- for making the installer
PlagueHush for Armor and Clothing for Kids changes
Bethesda for Skyrim and vanilla assets
Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide
Tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit and making the impossible possible
Bagserk for letting me use Xvision Children's assets
Imperator3 for his male underwear mesh and SydneyB (Princes of the Woods) for 
the textures
L0rd0fWar () for parts of Aventus Arentino's outfit
Nao4288 (Female Facial Animation) for her improved .tri files
Ginko for letting me convert her Sims 3 hair, #4 Gin, Tktk for the hair texture 
(v1.0.0), and HelloSanta for her conversion and textures (v1.1.0)
Apachii (ApachiiSkyHair) for her hair conversions
MacKom (Lore Styles Hair Set) for his hair creations
zn00p (Lovely Hairstyles) for his hair conversion
Faeofthewood (Waifan 2 Skin Set) for her freckles and moles in the face texture
HelloSanta (SG Renewal), HHaley(Fair Skin Complexion), Navetsea(CBBE Skin), 
and Pikkatze(Smooth Faces) for their face and body textures, and brows
DreamBurrow and her pictures and mods for supplying heaps of motivation and 
Mankarcameron2006, Adam and blacksword6868 for testing
The TES community