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Replaces the vanilla game saving with a limited game saving mechanic.

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This mod enforces a limit on how you can save the game. It introduces 2 types of game saving(manual saves and sleep saves) and a new perk. 

The console has been disabled in this mod because otherwise it would render the mod useless.Reason: you can simply use console commands to save the game.

Manual Saves
The vanilla quicksave key functionality is replaced as follows:
- Tapping the quicksave key once will save the game and will reduce the number of saves you can make. The maximum number of saves that you can make will be 1 at first and you will need the new Rigorous Forethought perk in order to increase this cap. There is a cooldown after making a manual save: a one real time hour countdown starts after making a manual save, which will replenish a save after the countdown is done.
- Holding the quicksave key will show the number of saves you can currently make, the maximum amount of saves you can simultaneously have and the time left until the cooldown fininshes so you can get another save. If the current number of saves available equals the maximum number of saves, then the time left until you get another save is frozen at 10 minutes left.
- There are ways to reduce the save cooldown: Everytime you get an xp reward, there is a small chance that the cooldown is reduced. The Luck stat heavily affects this chance. Another way is to get the Rigorous Forethought perk which decreases the cooldown times between saves by 4 minutes on each rank(the perk has 4 ranks).
- The manual saves are labeled as [MANUAL SAVE] in the loadgame menu.

Sleep Saves
- Sleeping in any bed will automatically save the game. You can do this as many times as you wish, there is no cooldown limit here.
- The sleep saves are labeled as [SLEEP SAVE i] where i is the index of the sleep save. The game will cycle between a maximum of 5 sleep saves.
- Pro tip: If you want to make a sleep save but don't want to sleep at all, press the use key on a bed so that it brings the Sleep menu. Accept and cancel immediately. You will save the game without sleeping at all.


- Move both the "textures" folder and the Limited Game Savings.esp inside the Data folder. The "textures" folder should not overwrite anything.

- It should be compatbile with 99.9% of the mods out there. No changes have been made to any vanilla objects.

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