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Adjusts all NPC accuracy so that those malnourished, drug-addled fiends with barely functional guns no longer have a shooting skill on par with Jerry Miculek.

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I made this awhile ago and was surprised there still wasn't any mod (that I've ever found) that does this. This is for those who mod their game to stop bullet sponge gameplay, but also get pissed when a level 2 fiend snipes you from max range with perfectly aimed automatic fire while running at you with an LMG.

Stance now plays a very big role. NPCs that are running will have their shots go everywhere, NPCs that walk less so, but crouching NPCs taking their time and aiming will be very accurate.

All of these settings already existed in-game but were set to insanely low values (or zero), so there will not be any performance loss
as this mod doesn't use any scripting to alter the NPC's accuracy. Unless you really want this game to be insanely easy you will need to
use one of the many mods that greatly increases damage, otherwise combat will be an absolute joke.

Highly recommended mods to make NPC's use cover and tactics:

These mods aren't required, but NPC's will act absolutely retarded without them by running at you while shooting instead of actually aiming, making them miss almost every shot.
Enemy AI - Tactics - NPC Healing
Combat Enhancer
There were a few more but I forget the names, so just search around. There are also some mods that change NPC AI to engage from much further away, so take
a look into those. (I can't recall names right now, I think XFO was one of them though).

Highly recommended mods to greatly improve shooting mechanics:

More Realistic Aiming
Immersive Recoil 2.0

I might at some point add an MCM configuration for those wanting NPCs to miss more/less, but I'm not familiar with scripting MCM config stuff.