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Borderless Windowed Mode for Fallout New Vegas. Currently includes: Alt-tab functionality, Double Cursor fix, and of course Borderless Windows.

Permissions and credits
OneTweak - One To Tweak Them All!
NVSE plugin for Borderless Window Mode
OneTweak supports Skyrim, Fallout3, FalloutNV and Oblivion!
Now OneTweak has been modified for Fallout New Vegas, no extra "tweaks" required to the files.

This is a port over from the Skyrim mod "OneTweak", done with permission from the mod author, Virusek.
The necessary changes to files have been done as to work with Fallout New Vegas. No extra work needed.

Double cursor fix
Borderless window
Dynamic process priority (since
Possibly more in the future!

Requirements: NVSE 

Installation / Usage:
NMM or MO: Easy peasy! Just download and install. Be sure to set default launcher to "Mode - Windowed" under Options to get all the benefits from OneTweak.

Manually:Copy OneTweak.dll and OneTweak.ini to [game install directory]Data/*SEPluginsWhere *SE stands for SKSE or FOSE or NVSE or OBSE.
Example for Skyrim: [steam directory]/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins
NOTE: If some of the directories does not exist just create it.

Configuration file is Data/SKSE/Plugins/OneTweak.ini, it will be created after first run.

For comments and support please refer to the OneTweak forum over on the Skyrim Nexus.  Link

On certain PC's, freezes/stop responding on loading screen:- Change Foreground Priority to 2 or 3 in OneTweak.ini

If it works even after un-install:- Delete Data/SKSE/Plugins/OneTweak.dll then run SkyrimLauncher.exe and in graphics options make sure game is not running in windowed mode.