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Causes unprotected humans and flammable creatures to panic and flee when set on fire, adding an extra gameplay mechanic for incendiary weapons and ammo.

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It's always felt very unsatisfying to me watching some raider continue to mindlessly empty their gun into you while burning alive. This mod aims to give fire-based weapons a more unique gameplay role by giving them a crowd control mechanic as well as adding some meaningful consequences to the player for being set on fire besides just the health loss.

This makes unprotected humans and creatures panic and flee when set on fire, similar to the unique effect of the Flare Gun on Abominations from Lonesome Road. Creatures will freak out and flee erratically while humans will run away screaming and try to pat themselves down to put out the fire. Companions, in particular, have some brutal dialogue for being set on fire which this mod restores. It does not affect Feral Ghouls, Robots or those with appreciable Fire Resistance (25+). The duration for this effect depends upon the weapon or ammunition used to set the target ablaze and accounts for everything from Flamers and Shishkebabs to .50 MG Incendiary and Dragon's Breath rounds.

Additionally, if the player is set on fire, they are temporarily put under an effect which blurs their vision and causes them to frantically try to pat themselves down as the flames die down. This effect wears off as soon as the player is no longer burning. If this annoys you, try drinking an Atomic Cocktail or some Fire Ant Nectar and throw on some Fire-Resistant armor and you should be fine.

While this definitely gives weapons that deal fire damage some more power, it also makes the game more difficult since fire can now stun you and scatter your companions if you're not prepared. Fire is dangerous. More dangerous than this game's engine allows us to convey. But this might make you think twice before you lob that incendiary grenade, just to make sure friendlies or yourself aren't within range of the blast radius.

Just for fun, the mod also adds an additional scripted challenge for all the pyromaniacs out there:

Fire Run From Me: Kill people or creatures after setting them on fire.

Here's what it looked like in the original Fallout when you killed an enemy with fire.

To customize the mod to your preferences, an INI file is provided located in config\BURN.ini. There you can set whether the effect should apply to the Player or not, whether the effect should apply to Abominations like Deathclaws or not and whether the effect should apply to actors wearing Power Armor or not.

The mod uses a script to set an event handler which detects whenever an actor is set on fire, automatically applying the effects no matter which weapon or ammunition is used to do it. This makes it compatible with everything. Because the event handler checks a formlist of fire base effects, all a user has to do to make this framework compatible with another mod which adds its own custom fire base effect is add that base effect to this mod's formlist BRNFireEffectsList.

If you want to make certain armors immune to these effects, you can simply add 30+ Fire Resistance or Fire Immunity to the armor's object effect entry.

I consider this mod the successor to my first mod for New Vegas years ago, Stop Drop and Roll. This has the same goal but it's a completely new file, made from scratch using the benefits of better scripting knowledge so that it's far more reliable and compatible.

BLEED users can check out the patch made by mdbakpo here.

For help debugging my scripts on the xNVSE discord:


For making the TTW patch scriptrunner: