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Reworked saving mechanics for thrills and increased challenge, highly customizable.

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This mod aims to replace rather bland and exploitable vanilla saving mechanics with something more exciting and immersive.
It's highly inspired by Survival mode saving mechanics from Fallout 4, however I do find them a bit restrictive and repetitive so I decided to expand on them.
This mod is also highly customizable so if you either looking for a hardcore challenge or just spicing vanilla saving mechanics a bit you'll probably be able to set it up to your liking.

Now there is 4 kinds of savegames:

Sleep Save - sleeping in a bed will always save your game, simple as that, same as in Fallout 4 Survival. The save will have unique name "Sleep Save", will be prefixed by your character's name and will cycle between customizable number of Sleep Saves. You can also optionally make it so it's only available once a day, kinda like the way racial powers work in TES games.
Non-traditional ways of sleeping like Roughin' it! bedroll kit or sleeping in a power armor will not normally save your game because it would be too exploitable and immersion-breaking, however you can still use it to your advantage, just find some furniture that's big enough to sleep on, like a sofa or bus stop seat and make sure to look at it when you're sleeping.
Starting with 1.6 you can set maximum Sleep Save count to 0, completely disabling them.

Hard Save - Basically the same as Sleep Save but will be named "Hard Save" instead and will not be overwritten, created by holding the walk key (Shift by default) when waking up. Use it to create snapshots of your progression at different stages of the game. Optionally you can make it so every Sleep Save is a Hard Save.

Holo Save - the biggest thing in this mod, these will be named "Holo Save", prefixed by your character's name and cycle between customizable number of Holo Saves.
Each save will consume 1 Blank Holotape, the new item that has been added and distributed all around the game world (in a compatible way, supports TTW).
You'll find customizable amount of Blank Holotapes in the misc loot, on dead robots (higher chance), in safes (higher chance and amount), also you'll extract customizable amount of Blank Holotapes from hacked computers and from robots disabled w/ Robotics Expert perk. And of course you can buy them from various vendors too!
Fortune Finder perk will increase your chances to find Blank Holotapes, Computer Whiz will make it so you'll receive an additional one when hacking.
For misc loot there's also 25% chance to find Used Holotapes instead, you can't use them to save but similar to shell casings you can use the Workbench to recycle them back into Blank Holotapes if your Repair skill is high enough. Alternatively you can simply sell them.
The mod also adds a new perk that requires 3 Luck & 40 repair and gives you access to more efficient recycling recipe as well as gives you Luck based chance to receive Used Holotape every time you Holo Save. The chance is 1.5% per Luck point * Perk rank , there's 2 ranks so the maximum is 30%.

And finally, there's also an MCM option to Holo Save for free near unlocked terminals (disabled by default).

Almost everything is customizable so you can be either swimming in holotapes or use them sparingly as a scarce resource/disable them from appearing completely.
Replaces vanilla Quicksave functionality, uses the same key and can be rebound in the game settings.

Exit Save - You can use it anytime to exit the game without finding a bed/wasting a Blank Holotape and then continue from the moment you left.
Mimics Fallout 4 exit save functionality, the only real difference is that instead of deleting a save it'll be marked as invalid (since there is no way to delete a save through a script).
However this isn't a big deal since you can easily judge if Exit Save is valid by looking at it's preview picture - it'll be pitch black for an invalid one.
By default Exit Save is bound to "Home" key, can be changed in MCM options.

There's also a new "Load Save" key ("F8" by default) that let's you quickly load your latest Holo, Sleep or Hard save.

That's it, enjoy your new and thrilling, savescumming-free experience.


NVSE and JIP LN NVSE plugin are required, make sure to use latest versions.

To install manually simply copy files into [game folder]\Data and enable it in a launcher. Do it backwards to uninstall.

This mod doesn't touch vanilla records and does all of its changes by a script so it should be pretty compatible with anything.
TTW is automatically supported and Blank Holotapes will be distributed all around the Capital Wasteland.

Obviously incompatible with other mods that change the way saving works/add additional ways to save.

If you're testing this mod with a character that has no name (such as using "coc" console command from the main menu w/ TTW installed), named types of saves will not work. Make sure to give him/her a name with "shownamemenu" command first.


Inspired by Limited Game Savings and ´╗┐Survival Saving - Holotapes save the game, however was written by me from a scratch.

aitch-zed (former HeroinZero)

You can use this mod or parts of it for whatever you want as long as you're not selling it and as long as you credit me in a readme.