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Lets you open the inventory of any equipment-carrying enemy who has been knocked down, knocked out or paralyzed. (No popup menu.)

Also lets cannibals get an early start on their victims.

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Loot Unconscious Victims

Lets you open the inventory of any equipment-using enemy who has been knocked down, knocked out or paralyzed.  (No popup menu.)  Also lets cannibals get an early start on their victims.

This is not a repeat of the Fatigue mod.  Further details are provided below.

The Problem:
Your enemy is immobilized.  They're not going to fight back.  Yet the game insists that they are "unconscious" and therefore un-lootable.  Not even their weapon.  In terms of realism, it makes no sense.  In terms of gameplay, there's no justification, since the moment you have your enemy down, the fight is as good as over.  And "unconscious" is not a good excuse for stopping you from searching an immobilized enemy.

The Solution:
Make unconscious enemies lootable, obviously.  If your victim has been knocked down, knocked out or paralyzed, you can loot them.

The sky's the limit.  Toy with your enemies.  Strip them of their weapons and armor and see how tough they are when they get back up.  Knock down Benny, grab his gun, and complete the "Talk About Owned" challenge, without having to shoot the gun out of his hand first.  Kill the nasty Cook-Cook with his own weapons and see how he likes it.  (Incidentally, this latter suggestion was added as another challenge in the Asterra's Lore-Friendly Challenges mod.)

This will only work on enemies that carry things around, since, after all, those are the only kinds of enemies that have things to loot before they're dead.

For Cannibals:
If the enemy is immobilized and sufficiently weakened (meaning 40% health or less), why wait?  The option becomes available.  But if you'd prefer not, or the popup menu is too obtrusive, try: set LUVAddLiveCannibal to 0 , save, reload.

New in V1.3b:
  • Changed the karma adjustment when devouring/scavenging from a live victim so it follows the game's settings, modded or otherwise.

New in V1.3:
  • Put in exceptions for the fake dead actors during Orris' escort.

New in V1.1:
  • Transparent support for Cannibal Reborn has been added.  Load order does not matter.
  • A delay has been added to the enemy's death during the cannibal function, to eliminate the sense that they're dying spontaneously.  (Disabled if Cannibal Reborn is present, as that mod looks for the target being dead at the very beginning of the cannibal animation.)
  • Furthermore, anyone interested in tweaking how the cannibal function works can try these:
  • set LUVCannibalDeathDelay to (Something greater than 0.  Default is 1.0, in seconds.)
  • set LUVLiveCannibalKarmaHit to (Whatever.  Default is the vanilla -1 for cannibalism.)
  • set LUVLiveCannibalMaxHealth to (Something between 0 and 1.  Default is 0.4, meaning the target must be 40% health or lower.)

About Fatigue:
I noted the existence of the mod Fatigue - Loot the Unconscious while finalizing this mod.  While the functionality between the two are similar, the goals of that mod differ from the goals I intended with this mod.

Fatigue aims to significantly modify and add to the vanilla experience, changing the way many weapons work and the behavior of enemies; my mod is bare-bones and uncluttered, and does only what it says on the tin.  I made zero modifications to vanilla assets.

Secondly, Fatigue seems to have focused the loot function only on knocked-out opponents.  There's nothing wrong with that.  I just personally felt that the option to rummage through an enemy's things should be available during pretty much any moment they're incapacitated, and that includes being knocked down (from Super Slam or And Stay Back, for example) or paralyzed (from Paralyzing Palm).  This lends a great deal of efficacy both to the mod and to those perks, and still makes perfect sense.

Lastly, I will also note that Fatigue ended development a long time ago, which, among other things, prevented it from being able to achieve its looting functionality without the use of a popup menu.  This mod works exactly as if the target was already dead, with no popup menu, which is a seamlessness I could never live without.

Having said all this, I still feel Fatigue offers some interesting bonuses for people looking to move on from the vanilla experience.

  • FNVEdit will report some errors with this mod.  Simply put, it's wrong.  Fortunately, the only thing that matters is that the GECK and the game both interpret the data correctly.

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