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Lets you use the visuals of one set of armor while using the stats and effects of a separate set.

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Cosmetic Wardrobe

Lets you use the visuals of one set of armor while using the stats and effects of a separate set.

Most gamers are probably familiar with the concept.  You wear one set of armor for its mechanical uses—stat boosts and whatnot—and a second set of armor for what it offers visually, sacrificing whatever mechanics it brought to the table since you can't wear two sets of armor simultaneously.  Many games have this functionality, especially MMORPGs.  Plenty don't.  MMORPGs tend to offer the feature specifically because the possibility of becoming bored with the look of one's avatar is greatly enhanced in games which the player will be playing for potentially hundreds of hours.  Most people prefer the look of some armor over the look of others, and the chances of the best available armor also having a given player's preferred looks are inherently low.

  • Maybe you want to wear Power Armor for its unbeatable protection, but not for the fact that it forces you to wear a tin can.

  • Maybe you want to wear Ulysses' Duster because of its top-tier Crit Chance, but don't want to concede any victories to Ulysses, leastwise by wearing his ugly gear.

  • Maybe you just want to do a naked run of the game, without having to actually give up armor stats.

Do what you want.

How it works:

  • For any equpped armor, hitting the conversion button/key will designate the armor as "Hidden" and add a (H) to the end of its name.  The armor will cease appearing on the player character.

  • For any non-equpped armor, hitting the conversion button/key will designate the armor as "Cosmetic" and add a (C) to the end of its name.  The armor will appear on the player character (though it will not be equipped).

  • For any converted armor (Hidden or Cosmetic), hitting the conversion button/key will revert the armor back to its unmodified state.  Previously Hidden armor will reappear on the player character.  Previously Cosmetic armor will disappear from the player character.

  • More details are available from a guide in the mod's menu.

Limitations and other notes:

  • Head gear and armor damage: Hidden Armor that is worn on the head is unlikely to receive damage.  This is because the game (evidently) relies upon physical contact between weapons and armor meshes to gauge armor damage, and armor which lacks a mesh is unable to endure those impacts.  There is no happy, remotely easy and not-impossibly-convoluted way of getting around this.  I've tried many things.  There may be workable solutions but I'm at a point where the mod serves my purposes adequately enough that I wish to be spared the enthusiasm-deflating grind of investigating further.

  • Wearing Cosmetic and regular armor together: So let's say you're wearing Power Armor as Cosmetic Armor, but also Leather Armor in its normal, non-converted state.  Nothing stopping you from doing this, but be aware that the two are in conflict, since you are in effect trying to use the visuals of two body-slot armors simultaneously.  It's probably best to try to avoid such conflicts—use one Cosmetic Armor and/or one Hidden Armor for any given armor slot.  In the above example, you would hide the Leather Armor, since after all you're trying to use the visuals of your Power Armor.

  • Repairing: You can repair Hidden/Cosmetic armor.  However, you cannot use Hidden/Cosmetic armor to repair other armor.

  • Hotkeys: As in hotkeyed armor.  Not implemented.

  • Miscellaneous considerations: Intuition helps.  An example: If you're trying to complete the Klein Destine challenge for wearing all of Dr. Klein's equipment at the same time, but some of Dr. Klein's armor is currently Hidden/Cosmetic, the challenge won't be met.  Another exampleThere are a scant few recipes which call for certain armor.  You will need to be aware that if a recipe calls for armor that is currently Hidden/Cosmetic, you will not meet the requirements.

  • Non-vanilla considerations: If one has converted armor from another mod, and that mod is hoping to find said armor specifically in some manner (such as for a quest), chances are fair it won't work as intended.  Although I can't think of any examples.

  • Inventory: When using a control pad, the act of converting armor unfortunately does not allow the currently-highlighted item to be maintained, and there are no options available for forcing better behavior.  The result of this lack is that in most cases, when a given piece of armor gets converted, the inventory's highlight rectangle will disappear to a seemingly random location (actually to either the top of the inventory, or to whatever item was last equipped/unequipped).  Irritating but not a dealbreaker.


TrueCourierSix - Added some functions which reduced the original size of this mod by almost half and made certain areas perform better.
W0lfwang - Creator of No PipBoy In Power Armor—seen in my demonstration video—for which I provided a compatibility patch.

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