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Minor lore-friendly tweaks to make snowglobes less clunky.

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Snowglobe Tweaks

Minor lore-friendly tweaks to make snowglobes less clunky.

A more functional iteration of this mod can be found here, thanks to Nehred's efforts.

No new perks, no special points, nothing that violates the vanilla experience.  So what does this mod do?

Two things:

1: The player character no longer instantly knows about the existence of the snow globe collection before even having seen the display for themselves.  They must visit the display first, and then return to Jane to ask about it.

2: The four snowglobes available in the DLC will no longer magically and instantly trade themselves for 2000 caps on the spot.  They must be brought back to Jane, fair and square.

Why are things the way they are in the vanilla game?  I have reasonable speculation about both points.

First, the likelihood of the player returning to Jane for a second conversation is slim to none, outside of a quest option directing them to do so, and there is no persistent quest one could permanently attach the snowglobe consideration to.  So they got lazy and let the player ask about "the snowglobe collection" without any visual evidence to back the question up.

Second, that's easy.  The 2000 caps are awarded on the spot because when the DLC first became available, the chances were actually pretty good that the player was working from an existing save where they had already killed Mr. House.  If the reward was not given the moment the player found the snowglobes, there would most likely have been zero purpose in finding them.  It's understandable -- but it still utterly kills immersion.  I mean, caps conjuring themselves into the player character's inventory?  It's like something out of Fallout 4.

v1.0: Completely untested but probably works.  Turns out it mostly worked.  I never bothered to check (didn't get that far in the game yet).  Happily, an improved version can be found here.  Thanks to Nehred for stepping in.

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