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This mod does exactly what it says, it will remove the Pip-Boy when equipping a Power Armor and restore it when using any other armor! Power Armor uses the West Tek Holographic Control Panel to navigate menus!... Also a Pip-Boy Glove Remover and Pip-boy accelerator!

Permissions and credits

Every time you equip a Power Armor, the Pip-Boy will be unequipped, in the menus you will see the West Tek Holographic Control Panel. Check the pictures included to see how does it looks!  When you remove a Power Armor you will get your Pip-Boy mounted in your arm again.

  • Pip-boy acceleration: New animation for the Pip-Boy being raised, much faster than the original. It strikes a good balance between still having the Pip-Boy animation and a smoother appearance of the West Tek holographic control panel.
  • If you are too uncomfortable, a patch for regular speed was added, or check recommended mods, although I recommend try the new animation for a while, you get used to it fast and afterwards the regular animation feels too slow.

  • Pip-Boy Glove Remover: Pip-Boy Glove remover as well, because I hate that thing. A patch to keep the glove was added.

  • Silenced Pip-Boy: It silence the equip/unequip sound from the Pip-Boy (and pimp boy 3 billion), Making it so when the player changes between power armor and regular appeal only the normal equip sound will sound, instead of the annoying unequip sound caused by the Pip-Boy being removed.
  • This works by modifying some Pip-Boy attributes. It’s a standalone mod and might work with other Pip-Boy removers, but this is the only one supported. It’s separated because modifying the Pip-Boy attributes might cause some inconsistences or overwrite modifications made by other mods. Texture and meshes replacement like Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI (replacer version), or Pip-Boy 2500A will work.

  • No-PipBoy-in-Power-Armor All armor patch: As requested, a patch that will make the West Teck Holographic Control Panel work with every armor, making this a pip-boy remover. You can also try YAPR, it haves some glitches right now, but probably will be better quite fast, it's made by the guys that made JhonnyGuitar NVSE, hard to compete with that. Includes a new animation made by Nimboss for his mod NoPipBoy Remover. You will not see the arm being raised anymore with this. Please go and endorse his work. It seems to be having some issues, you can still try it; In older versions check for V2.7. WARNING! As stated in the incompatible mods list of TTW, all Pip-Boy removers are incompatible with TTW, the other versions of this mod doesn’t have this problem as the Pip-boy is untouched until you have a Power Armor. At least when the game starts and some other instances.


To V2.6
  • Remove the Power Armor (if any was equipped), then remove my old file, then save, and then reinstall. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it was better for keeping the script clean. To be honest this steps are only necessary if you want the Pip-Boy light fixes, if this never bothered you, probably you won't notice any difference, or you can just use the instrucction below. Installing JhonnyGuitar NVSE (Needs to update xNVSE) is still needed.

  • ...Or, if you are updating from v2.5 just open the console and type "player.additem xx007D7D 1", (the xx means the index that No-PipBoy-in-Power-Armor uses in your load order) you should receive a message saying “  was added”, that’s an item that will fix thePipboy light issues, then just save, nothing else is needed. Installing JhonnyGuitar NVSE (Needs to update xNVSE) is still needed.

To V2.5
Install the plugin JhonnyGuitar NVSE (Needs to update xNVSE).  

From V1 or V1.1

If you have a saved file wearing a Power Armor in an older version of this mod, remove the power armor (make sure you have the pip-boy equipped) and save the game before updating.


  • Smoother transition when raising the West Tek Holographic Control Panel (Pip-Boy in Power Armor). It will no longer flash perks given by Power Armor or  make any sound.
  • The NCRSalvaged Power Armor is added to the NPPArmorList to avoid incompatibilities.
  • New, faster Pip-Boy being raised animation (Pip-Boy acceleration). Thanks to my good old friend, Isabel.
  • Added a Pip-Boy Glove version.
  • Added “SilencedPip-Boy” option that includes Pip-Boy 3000 and pimp boy 3 billion.
  • New requirement, JohnnyGuitar NVSE!
  • Placed two possible patches for those whose Pip-Boy not being restored.
  • Silenced Pip-Boy is no longer nedded.
  • New (new) West Tek Holographic Panel Design!
  • Fixed Pip-Boy light glitches
  • Added All Armor patch.
  • New animation for All Armor patch, thanks to Nimboss!!! You will not see the arm being raised anymore with this.


This mod works on all the armors marked as Power Armor and everything inside the NPPArmorList (the NCR Salvaged Power Armor, that it’s not an actual Power Armor, was added here to avoid incompatibilities.). If you desire to have another armor (non Power Armor) using the West Tek Holographic Control Panel just add the desire armor to NPPArmorList using the GECK or FNVEdit.


Anything that removes the pip-boy in a similar way will probably crash with this, so obviously chose just one.

Pip-Boy Readius it's incompatible, I don’t see the point in using this mod if you are already using something like that.

The pimp-boy 3 billion, Pip-boy 2000 MkVI (replacer or no replacer), and any pip-boy mesh or texture replacer works with this Mod, it doesn’t handle the Pip-Boy 3000 directly, it registers the pip-boy being used so it probably works with everything.

About a Fallout 3 Version:
Sorry, I
Believe I cannot. First of all, I don’t mod Fallout 3. And second, it requires JIP LN NVSE, so I don’t think it will work. Why not try a Tale of Two Wastelands? (I know there is plenty of reasons, really sorry).

  • Try “Power Armour Scaling”, by Bwones. With all of this you will make your Power Armor to be a very impressive piece of technology.
  • I also recommend “Heroic Power Armor Idle Stance”, by Rocketlombax. aAlso an old mod, but makes your Power Armor look cooler!
  • One more thing… if you could find a way to add the FO4 Power Armor looks into this game (Cough….Dragbody’s Fallout 4 Power Armor Mod… cough, cough),  that will be awesome.

If you are still not convinced by the new animation, "Faster Pip-Boy Animation", by ceski. Changes said animation.

I strongly recommend "Faster PipBoy Faster", by throttlekitty. It makes the raising pip-boy animation a little smoother. (current animations works the same).


Missing pip-boy or black box:
Some users have reported that the Holographic Panel is a black box or the pip-boy not being restored after using a regular armor, if that's your case. Please make sure you have JhonnyGuitar, JIP LN NVSE, xNVSE and Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable up to date! if nothing of that works you can also roll back to Version 1.1.

Armor pieces staying after you remove the Power Armor:
Some users have reported that when they unequip a Power Armor, some peaces like the backpack remain. This glitch was caused because JIP LN NVSE wasn't up to date and was using the verson that came with TTW, so please update JhonnyGuitar, JIP LN NVSE, xNVSE and Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable before reporting any bug! You can also roll back to Version 1.1.

MInigun Floathing in your arm when modded:
This is a real glitch I manage to recreate. The glitch exists without my mod, but it’s made worse by it, until I manage to solve this,
I recommend to avoid it. (prove, check bugs section). You can also roll back to Version 1.1.

Dynamic Pipboy Light:
For some users "Dynamic Pipboy Light" might have issues updating the light fade (an only the light fade, as radius and color will do fine). This problem seems to exists with older PCs and an accelerated animation of the  Pipboy being raised, my mod uses by default an animation 4 times faster, so this mod might cause this problem. To solve it, just use the "regular speed patch" in miscellaneous or the 2x animation from "Faster Pip-Boy Animation" mod.

anything else, please update JhonnyGuitar, JIP LN NVSE, xNVSE and Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable before reporting any bug!

Can you Help?

You can also help doing a small video. Two vault dweller made two videos, but they are from old versions of this mod, and a lot has changed.

My friend and I manage to accelerate the pip-boy raising animation, but, for many technical reasons, we couldn’t manage to create an animation that skips the raising motion entirely, if you are more experienced in blender than us, you can still help by making it even better.