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Reduces the incidence of background music from 100% to 25%.

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Less Constant Music

Reduces the incidence of background music from 100% to 25%.

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in music/silence trending more towards a 50/50 distribution.
  • Finally sorted out the last (known) instances of music continuing to play.

v1.03: Added a couple of locations that had been missed in prior versions.

v1.02N: The "nuclear option" update.
Thanks to new functions in Johnny Guitar NVSE, things now more reliably function as intended.  Users may or may not have noticed, but there were plenty of instances where music would still more or less constantly play, in spite of everything done to prevent it.  This was due to thoroughly undocumented (and still somewhat mysterious) limitations and quirks with how music works in the game.  Fortunately, functions made available in the latest (as of 2019-09-10) version of Johnny Guitar NVSE permit me to circumvent such considerations, so now music will more reliably adhere to the intended result.

Limitation: A lot of music in the game loops indefinitely, so once such music gets going, nothing will stop it outside of changing location.  The option existed to stop the music instantly -- as in from 100% volume to 0% volume with no transition -- but the goal of this mod has always been to achieve its end result while taking advantage of the game's built-in music fade-in / fade-out engine.  It's a small price to pay for the transparency that is achieved on the whole.

As a bonus for being able to use this new method, the actual ratio of music-to-silence can now be adjusted using the following syntax in the console:

SetGlobalVariable LCMOdds 25

Change "25" to a number from 0 to 100; the number represents the percentage of time music will be allowed to play.  Results are not instantaneous.

  • Major overhaul of interiors to account for the undocumented state of Media Set.  A few interiors were still playing music constantly.
  • Cycle timer will now restart when loading a game.
  • Exception made for Nipton's music since it's a critical mood setter.

For anyone who has played their fair share of Fallout New Vegas, the background music can feel a little monotonous.  A fantastic job was done in creating a music "atmosphere" which prolonged the lifespan of the music by moving it beyond a simple series of multi-minute tracks, but a thousand hours will wear out any music's welcome.  For some, the solution is to mix it up by listening to the radio.  For others, turning background music off altogether is the fix for them.

This mod takes the middle ground.  All locations where regular background music normally plays now spend roughly 75% of their time playing silence instead.  This is intended for those who feel that Fallout New Vegas' music is a vital part of the game's character, but who are nonetheless just a little bored with it, and would like the game to provide some long moments of music-free ambiance without one needing to adjust a menu setting to achieve that.

This won't affect combat or other non-incidental music, such as during slideshows.

  • The music and the silence do not take turns, per se, so there will be times when music plays for many minutes in a row, and other times when the silence drags on for an unusually long time.
  • If you download the version of the mod with Yukichigai's Gameplay Tweaks compatibility, you will want to place this mod above other mods with cell edits, such as Interior Lighting Overhaul.

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