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Prevents the game from fully reloading your weapon every time you load a saved game.

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Remember Ammo Count On Reload

Prevents the game from fully reloading your weapon every time you load a saved game.

This mod is intended to be a companion piece to the indispensable Remember Selected Ammo, although it works as described either way.  When you load a save file, provided it's not the first time this mod has been part of your load order, your ammo count should faithfully reflect what it was when you created that save file.  The vanilla behavior is to fully reload your weapon, which is, of course, completely unrealistic.  As to why the game does that by default, I theorize that the developers felt it would make the experience of using guns slightly less cumbersome.

Ideally, the author of Remember Selected Ammo will someday include the functionality of this mod in his work, so this mod will no longer be needed.  Until then, here it is.

  • If you use the original Reload Speed Game Start Fix, or any combo mod that absorbed said mod (such as Unofficial Patch Plus), you'll want to be aware that said mod's functionality is to quickly un-equip and then re-equip the player character's weapon upon loading a game, which is how the reload speed bug gets fixed.  This process also results in the weapon being fully reloaded, which of course nullifies the utility of this mod.  So if you rely upon Reload Speed Game Start Fix or a mod that uses it, you'll want to remove it from your load order.  You can still get the reload bug fixed with my own non-obtrusive Reload Speed Fix Revisited, which was quickly reiterated as a NVSE plugin.
  • Unofficial Patch NVSE users: UPP does essentially the same thing as Reload Speed Game Start Fix, but removing that process from UPP is not so straightforward, so I've provided a patch.  Put it below Unofficial Patch NVSE.  (Valid as of 2019-5-27.)

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