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Fixes the reload speed bug without having to quickly swap weapons upon loading a saved game.

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Reload Speed Fix Revisited

It is advised that you use this mod instead of mine, as it accomplishes the same thing without taking up an .esp.
(But my mod stays up, in part because it's a NVSE-free solution, and in part because it's my footprint that I discovered the alternate method for them.)

Fixes the reload speed bug without having to quickly swap weapons upon loading a game.

You are probably familiar with Reload Speed Game Start Fix.  It's a mod which solves a definite problem with New Vegas: Upon loading your game, your reload speed is wrong, and it stays wrong until you either change weapons or personally un-equip and then re-equip your current weapon.  And the solution is straightforward enough: The mod does this for you, very quickly, as soon as it can.

But there have always been unavoidable drawbacks to this solution.

  • It makes the un-equip / equip sounds associated with your current weapon.
  • If you happen to have the weapon drawn, the process of un-equipping and re-equipping includes the associated animations.
  • It fully reloads the weapon, instantly.
  • Reportedly, there's a chance it can change your ammo type.
  • Reportedly, there's a chance it can re-arm you with a different specimen of your weapon (with a different damage condition) if you're carrying more than one.

Regardless of these annoyances, it was a necessary fix.

This mod accomplishes the fix without the need for the weapon swap.  So no equip noises, no drawing animations, no reloading, no ammo changing.  Just a clean fix that otherwise behaves just like vanilla.

  • In order to get any use out of this mod, you'll want to un-check the original Reload Speed Game Start Fix from your load order and/or remove it from any merge you've created.
  • Unofficial Patch Plus users: UPP includes the components of Reload Speed Game Start Fix.  In order to continue using UPP while disabling the weapon swap, you'll need to open it in FNVEdit and remove the following entries: xx0013FC (UPPxWeapReEquipQuest) and xx0013FB (UPPxWeapReEquipQuestSCRIPT).
  • Unofficial Patch NVSE users: Does essentially the same thing as Reload Speed Game Start Fix, but removing that from the mod is not so straightforward, so I've provided a patch.  Put it below Unofficial Patch NVSE.  (Valid as of 2019-5-27.)

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