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Forces each individual dose of Implant GRX to have its own 24-hour recycle, as opposed to all doses becoming available at exactly midnight. Adjustable.

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Implant GRX Recycler

Forces each individual dose of Implant GRX to have its own 24-hour recycle, as opposed to all doses becoming available at exactly midnight.  Adjustable.

The problem
Implant GRX is a very fun, very powerful endgame perk -- a built-in bullet-time that one can engage at will.  Unfortunately, as with Fallout 3's similarly godlike Nuclear Anomaly, the perk seems to have been added in haste, and the end result carries some noteworthy drawbacks.

The most obvious drawback with Implant GRX is the fact that one must use the Pip-Boy to activate it.  Happily, mods already exist which attempt to correct for this dealbreaker.

But I have always felt that another drawback with Implant GRX is the dubious means by which the doses of the perk get recycled.  What happens is that at exactly midnight -- i.e. the first moment of the new day -- every dose gets recycled in one lump.  It doesn't matter whether you used your doses 23 hours ago or two minutes ago; you get them all back at a set time, like clockwork.  This behavior simply does not jive with the concept of a brain implant which produces a steady trickle of doses at a rate dictated by the perk's rank.

The solution
The behavior of dose recycling has been changed so that every individual dose of Implant GRX recycles 24 hours after use.  If you used a dose at 5 PM, it will become available again at 5 PM the following day.  It doesn't matter what pattern of usage you use; doses will return the next day at the same cadence.

A Caveat
It is true that this system causes doses to become, on the whole, less commonly available.  For anyone concerned about this, especially if one is already using a lower timescale, I have left a variable available which one may tweak with the console, using this example syntax:

SetGlobalVariable IGRXRHours 12

This example sets the recycle wait to 12 game hours, down from the default of 24.

v1.3: The above and below settings can now be tweaked via a config file.  A little tidier than rummaging around the console.  Also, this mod no longer edits a vanilla script.  Certain other mods also mess with that script, so this became a necessary change.

v1.2: Added a new variable, enacted with the console: set IGRGXAdjust to 1 -- Forces Implant GRX Recycler to adjust its frequency so that a "24-hour cycle" corresponds to the vanilla of 48 minutes, no matter what Timescale has been set to.  This will force the availability of implant doses to more closely match the intended vanilla experience of several per hour.

v1.1b: The first version of this mod was left in an interrupted, thoroughly incomplete state (thank you, cancer) and it was essentially nonfunctional.

  • This mod requires JIP LN NVSE.
  • This mod takes pains to minimize changes to vanilla entries.  It is thus compatible with Yukichigai Unofficial Patch, for example.
  • This mod is fully compatible with jsawyer mod, which also makes changes to Implant GRX.
  • If you install this mod but already had Implant GRX as a perk, any already-used doses will recycle using the vanilla behavior.  I.e. they will recycle at midnight the following day.

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