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Increases the Pip-Boy Geiger clicking beyond the vanilla default.

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This mod is now deprecated by its successor: Even More Accurate Geiger Clicking
Note that the new mod includes a necessary bugfix not addressed here.

More Accurate Geiger Clicking

Increases the Pip-Boy Geiger clicking beyond the vanilla default.

A little something I've been using for a while.  Decided to share.  Just audibly increases the click count from the Pip-Boy's Geiger counter.

The lowest and most common radiation exposure, <1 RADs per second, sounds no different from vanilla.  I should here note that any value less than or even sometimes equal to 2.0 RADs per second shows up on the HUD as "+1 RAD/SEC".  This mod differentiates between 0-1 RAD/s and 1-2 RAD/s by providing a noticeable increase in clicks above 1.0 RAD/s, even though the HUD will still indicate "+1 RAD/SEC."  The click rate will steadily increase up to 10 RAD/s.

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