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Adds several challenges aimed at exhausting what the game has to offer.

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Asterra's Lore-Friendly Challenges

Adds several challenges aimed at exhausting what the game has to offer.

The challenges added by this mod:

New in v1.6:
Clean Living
Make it to the Sierra Madre vault without ever taking damage from concentrated Cloud.  The damage you take just from being outside doesn't count as "damage from concentrated Cloud."  If you want to risk venturing into those pockets of concentrated Cloud, you'll have to have Dean in tow.  In short, as long as you never see the message indicating "You are being poisoned", you're fine.

New in v1.5:
A Little More For Me
Dig up every grave in the land.  Note: Gabe's hidey holes do not count as graves.
Fixed a bug that would prevent certain star cap NPCs from appearing.

New in v1.4:
Who Won the Lottery?!
Collect every single lottery ticket.  Caution: One of the tickets is only briefly available!
1.4b: Bugfix for Harland's dialogue.
1.4c: Yukichigai Unofficial Patch adherence.
1.4d: Fixed an oversight which allowed Caravan Sampler to increment for every game played.
1.4e: Fixed a bug with lottery ticket handling.
1.4f: Caravan challenge bug fix.

New in v1.3:
Finders, Keepers
Discover every stash hidden away in hollowed-out rocks.  That includes both the Mojave Wasteland and Zion Canyon.

Good Stuff Finder
Discover every stash hidden away in hollowed-out logs in the Zion Canyon.

New in v1.2:
Cook-Cook Cooker
Kill Cook-Cook with his own fire-based weapons.  Show him why it's called "karma".

New in v1.0:
Crooked, Yellow Smile
Bring Harland's friend to him, without killing, cheating or being detected.  Everything is already set up to make this quest a mini stealth mission.  All that was missing was a challenge to legitimize it.  No being spotted, no killing (including in advance), no Stealth Boys, no Turbo.

Star Collector
Collect every (unattended) Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap in the land.  "Unattended" means the only caps that count are the ones not found on NPCs and not found through inexhaustible means.  So no cheating by drinking Sunset Sarsaparilla for the occasional cap, playing Fester's game, or finding the odd star cap in NPC inventories (dead or alive).

Radio Check
Turn on every functioning ham radio in the land.  Who says ham radios don't serve a purpose?  Well, now they do.

Caravan Sampler
Win games of Caravan against every opponent in the land.  You were going to play dozens of games anyway.  Now you have a reason to stop being lazy and challenge more than one fellow enthusiast.

No fancy rewards.  Just a solid justification for going out of your way to scour the game for content.  Something more tangible than one's own personal bucket list.  The game will keep track of your progress fair and square.

A suggestion: Keep notes.  This is good advice regarding any scavenger hunt involving dozens of items, such as skill books.  It's easy to imagine getting frustrated trying to tackle some of these challenges without careful note-taking.

If you want to know exactly how many targets exist per challenge, be my guest:

Limitations of this mod:
Just like with any other mod that keeps track of passive player statistics, this mod is best used from the start of a new game.  While Caravan Sampler could theoretically be completed by returning to all the Caravan players mid-game, and there's nothing stopping the player from finding ham radios all over again, there is no feasible method for retroactively ascertaining which bottle caps have been picked up or which ham radios have already been activated.  Code is in place to situate Star Collector's tally to the player's star cap inventory count, or 50 if they have completed the associated quest, but this is guesswork which doesn't account for several important details.  Still, better than nothing.

Required: Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, NVSE, JIP LN NVSE.

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