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Forces all adult deathclaws to qualify as valid for the Deathclaw Pro Hunter challenge

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Deathclaw Pro Hunter Challenge Fix

This mod forces all adult deathclaws in the game to qualify as valid for the Deathclaw Pro Hunter challenge.  This includes the deathclaws found in the DLC.

As the description implies, a sizable proportion of the deathclaws one can encounter in the game were, for whatever reason, not included as valid specimens for the tally the game keeps towards this challenge.  This has generated much confusion and frustration over the years.  Personally, I had taken it for granted that the Yukichigai Unofficial Patch had long since corrected this bug, but when I finally decided to tackle the challenge, I discovered otherwise.

Make no mistake: This is a bug.  Not only is the wording of the challenge quite unambiguous, but the fact of the matter is you can find a nest of completely identical deathclaws (such as the small group north of Quarry Junction) and discover that some do and some don't qualify, with no evident pattern.  I suspect the reason this happened is a combination of: Some deathclaw templates were simply overlooked, it was assumed that the base template would cover everything, and ultimately it's a bug of arguably minimal importance.

As previously mentioned, this fix includes the DLC deathclaws.  I consider this to be particularly important, because it is essential to make the DLC feel like it is part of the bigger game, and keeping facets of DLC isolated from one another only serves the opposite purpose.  Now you can take on this difficult challenge during the Lonesome Road DLC if you so desire.

  • Young deathclaws still do not qualify.

  • Old World Blues
  • Lonesome Road
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal

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