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An overhaul of the Odai river canal in Balmora and new sewersystem.

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The urban Odai river overhaul

By MwGek

About the mod
The Odai river running through Balmora will never be the same again. This mod turns the Odai waterfront into a proper urban canal. The dual layered waterfront adds extra verticality. The new waterfront connects to an extensive sewer network, connecting many of the Balmora interiors to the waterfront and street level drains. It also adds a more lively setting with market stalls, cargo cranes and a gondola service. All new npc's have some small unique dialogue and recieved a brand new home near the water.

• New waterfront meshes in Hlaalu style to create a better Odai Canal experience.
• New sewer meshes and poor canal home meshes in Hlaalu style.
• New wooden ladders, displays and an open chest in the poor wooden style for cluttering.
• Big changes to the Balmora exterior near the Odai river, including three new outdoor vendors.
• Adds sewer drains in the Balmora exterior cells to access the sewer system.
• 2 extensive sewer systems under the city on the eastern en western side of the Odai river.
• Added trapdoors to the sewer system in various existing interiors across Balmora.
• 9 new interiors for new and vanilla NPCs.
• 11 new NPCs placed across the new content.
• Some unique dialogue greetings added to the new NPCs.
• Gondola service.

Required Mods

Recommended Mods
Morrowind Optimization Patch
Project Atlas
Glow in the Dahrk
Infectious Sewers - MWSE

Quests in Balmora Waterworks

Patch included for the following mods
If you use a patch, install the assets from the original mod to make it work. Overwrite the original mod's .esp with the patched .esp.
Atmospheric South Wall Cornerclub
Dura gra-Bol's House Reclaimed - And the Grab-All Gang
Even Seedier Eight Plates
Hlaalu Council Manor Overhaul
South Wall Den Of Iniquity
Illuminated Order Improved
Balmora Rooftop Apartments
Animated Morrowind - Merged  *1
Balmora Docks District
Concept art Hlaalu Balconies
Gentrified Balmora
Odai river

*1) Non .esp replacing patch added for vanilla and OpenMW. More combined mod versions of AM - Merged patches can be found here. Credt goes to Alvazir.

Patch available for the following mods
Beautiful Cities of Morrowind *1
Ports Of Vvardenfell *2

*1) If you use the Waterworks fork from BCOM you don't need the .esp or assets from this mod. If you like it, endorsing this mod is appreciated. Thanks!
*2) Patch provided here by Alvazir, select "Aggressively Compatible" version or more aggressive.

Compatible mods
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Remiros' Groundcover 
Correspondances of Morrowind *2
Starfire's npc Additions - Danae's Edits and Fixes *3

*1) Two misplaced Grassrocks
*2) minor conflict, letter at the edge of moved table in Caius' Home. Doesn't look levitating in air though.
*3) One NPC fallen down into "textures" of the corridor along the Odai River. Should be easy to move/delete.

Incompatible mods or mods with some conflicts
Amazing Balmora Expansion
Epic Balmora

*1) One dirty reference edit on a building on the south side of the Odai. Cleaning that out with the Enchanted Editor will make the mod compatible.