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Brother Juniper's excellent Ashlander Traders mod, edited for compatibility and extra dialogue. Adds Ashlander Traders who will sometimes appear in Balmora, Ald-ruhn, or Suran.

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Brother Juniper's Ashlander Traders - Remastered
  • Adds traveling Ashlander traders, who will sometimes appear in Suran, Balmora, and Ald-ruhn
  • Each new NPC has some unique dialogue
  • After a certain point in the main quest, one of the NPCs may allow you to travel together with him, or use his fast travel services to visit the Ashlander camps. 

This is my edited version of Brother Juniper's original mod, uploaded here in the hopes that more people will be able to enjoy his excellent work.

My edits include:
  • The three caravans have been moved for greater compatibility with town mods. 
  • Now compatible with Docks of Suran, Kilcunda's Balmora, and Ald-ruhn X or Epic Ald-ruhn.
  • Dialogue tweaks to clean up typos and bring the writing style more in line with vanilla Morrowind's style.
  • Additional dialogue for and about the new NPCs where appropriate. I did my best to keep this new dialogue in line with the personalities Brother Juniper created.
  • The traders now have leveled items in their inventories, meaning it's worth checking in with them occasionally to see if they've got anything good.
  • 7 new Ashlander traders (legit members of the tribes, not outcasts like the caravaners). These new traders travel much lighter than the original caravans, but they all have a bit of dialogue and potentially some interesting goods.
  • Urshilaku traders will sometimes appear in Khuul and Maar Gan, Andus Tradehouse
  • Zainab traders will sometimes appear in the other three camps, and, after completing Trade Goods Wanted, in Vos 

Brother Juniper's original Ashlander Traders is available at MMH.

Brother Juniper, if you're reading this - thank you very much for your excellent mods. I hope you don't mind me releasing this edit. 

Original Readme:
Ashlander Traders
The Elderscrolls III: Morrowind Plug-In
Brother Juniper
[email protected]

Synopsis: A travelling Ashlander Caravan will set up shop in the 
market squares of Balmora, Suran, or Ald-ruhn. A caravan that 
travels with you offers a unique travel service.

To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box 
next to the Ashlander Traders.esp file.
After a certain point in the game, one of these traders will allow
you access to fast travel between several Ashlander camps, and 
travel with you.
HOW IT WORKS (Hints for troubleshooting): Once you have access to
the service, you must ask Raen to "travel together." If you do so,
both the guar and Raen follow you. If you tell them to wait around,
the guar will go back to following Raen. 
Raen will not allow you to travel if the guar is too far away to 
follow you on the trip (let me know if you think the distance should 
be greater or less). If the guar gets too far away from Raen, he
will stop following you and go looking for the guar - they'll be
waiting in Ald-ruhn when you get back.
If you tell Raen to continue on his way, you can find him again just
outside the gates to Ald-ruhn.
If you have Tribunal, the "Companion share" option should be 
available once you have access to the travel service.

I did the original version for myself a while back, and decided to 
release it. It was inspired by the excellent "Trade Route" plugin 
and the gypsies in Ultima 6. I updated it a little bit, because I 
always wanted there to be merchants of like you'll find in Balmora's always seemed so empty.
I worked hard to ensure that there was as little framerate hit as 
possible in each of these areas, and at least on my computer it's 
not noticable.

Trading posts were added in Suran, Balmora and Ald-ruhn. The path
grids were altered in each of these locations so NPCs would adjust
their steps accordingly.