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VIsual overhaul of the Eight Plates tavern in Balmora, combined with an expansion of the NPC and dialogue overhaul from Von Djangos' The Seedy Plates

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  • Polish
Even Seedier Eight Plates
by Lucevar

Overhauls the Eight Plates - now seedier, more atmospheric, a little grimmer, and a whole lot more interesting.

Visual overhaul of the Eight Plates tavern in Balmora 
  • Now you can see the namesake Eight Plates - and steal them!
  • A new balcony and private parlour on the upper level, overlooking the bar
  • Animated NPCs to provide a more lifelike atmosphere
  • A bard with custom music
  • Atmospheric sound effects
  • A proper kitchen for Dulnea Ralaal
  • Includes and expands Von Django's The Seedy Plates, which means:
  • 6 new NPCs, all with unique dialogue - some is suggestive, none is explicit
  • Unique dialogue for vanilla npcs 
  • One new Thieves Guild quest - now you can steal the Eight Plates! Talk to Habasi about jobs after you've secured Balmora's defenses.



  • The Seedy Plates - included and expanded on in this mod. Don't use them together, but do go endorse the original!
  • Balmora - Seat of Power of House Hlaalu - use the patch provided by that mod
  • Beautiful Cities of Morrowind - use the patch provided by that mod
  • Animated Morrowind merged - I've included an esp replacer patch, but please check if a patch provided by another mod (eg Beautiful Cities) should supercede this patch - it's unlikely that ESEP is the only mod in your load order that requires an AM patch!
  • Correspondences of Morrowind - I've included an esp replacer patch
  • Improved Inns Expanded - use the patch provided by that mod
  • MCA 8 - I've included an addon patch. Use in addition to MCA's esm.
  • Morag Tong Polished - I've included a replacement esp for Morag Tong Polished in the optional files section.
  • Django's Dialogue - Compatible, but load DD BEFORE Even Seedier Eight Plates, or some of Dulnea's new dialogue will be overwritten.

Von Djangos - the original work on The Seedy Plates, a mod that's been a permanent part of my install ever since it came out. Thank you again for allowing me to include your work!
Melchior Dahrk - new dough meshes in the kitchen
Rats - I used some of Rats' recent work on TR interiors as a style guide for using the new TD Hlaalu set
OAAB team - lots of assets used
Tamriel Data team - lots of assets used

and also the people credited in the original Seedy Plates - thank you!

- all animations
Lady E - original bard mesh
Westly - Matthias head
Louis - Matthias hair
Alienslof - Matthias clothing textures
Snakebitten - cigar assets
laoqinyou - music, called 'Blue Mountain Night Rain'
You can find more of his music here