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A collection of my smaller mods.

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A collection of my smaller, or older mods.

Anything I want to release without making a new page will end up here.

Balmora Balconies
Requires Project Atlas.
Adds a new open variety of the Hlaalu staircase piece, and includes a plugin to replace the stairs used for the guilds in Balmora.

Enhanced Stone Walls
Minor upgrade for stone walls, which fixes UV alignment, and very slightly increases the detail on the stone top pieces, to fit better with other vanilla quality assets.
Replacer for x/ex_drystonewall_c_01.nif, x/ex_drystonewall_d_01.nif, x/ex_drystonewall_end_01.nif, and x/ex_drystonewall_s_01.nif
No custom textures.

A marginally smoothed and optimised version of furn_overhang_18. Brings it up to parity with other vanilla quality assets made by Bethesda.
Made for May Modathon 2019.

Imperial Moth Cuirass
Replaces the horses on the Imperial Cuirass with a moth instead.
Vanilla resolution.

Lake Nabia Region
Give the area around Marandus and Lake Nabia it's own region, with more hospitable weather.

Lore Friendly Iron Warhammer
A vanilla polycount version of R-Zero's Correct Iron Warhammer.

No Orcish Clown Shoes
Reduces the dimensions and spikiness of Orcish boots.

Pete's Amazing Chest
Replacer for o/contain_chest_small_01.nif
No custom textures.

Tidy Charsheet
Requires the MWSE 2.1 nightly build.
Moves your birthsign up with your race, class, and level.
Compatible with Merlord's Character Backgrounds.