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This mod alters exterior models of velothi temples in Ald'Ruhn, Balmora and Gnisis to make them fit the two-floors interiors.

Permissions and credits
I always love Velothi culture and architecture since when I was child in 2004. Lines and rounded angles, Saints of Tribunal Temple, domes over Cantons and towers, the colours of adobe - it was really inspiring. And all the time, from 2004 to 2Д!B 2018 I wonder why little Suran Temple are the same size exterior as big Gnisis Temple. JUST WHY IT HAS TWO FLOOR U MAKE PERFECTIONIST INSIDE ME SUFFER AAAAA

But, without the hero, there is no event.

So I decide to make the mod by myself.
Here - look and enjoy - two-floored versions of Velothi Temple!

Technical Description
This mod contains main esp with altered versions of all three big temples in cities (Ald'Ruhn, Balmora and Gnisis), one mesh and three optional esps for every town separate. There is also an altered and fixed version of Stav's Gnisis Minaret esp in optional files since the original version of his mod is not compatible with Gnisis Temple alternative.
As usual, just drop content into your Data Files folder OR use Mod Manager. I recommend Mod Organizer 2. Off course, you'll need to regenerate Distant Land.
You will never need to delete this brilli... If you decide to delete this mod, you need to deactivate "Bigger Velothi Temples.esp" or any optional file in your Mod Manager, then delete it. After this, go to meshes\x, find and delete "ex_velothi_temple_big.nif". Optional file (fixed version of Gnisis Minaret) works fine even without the main mod.
This mod is compatible with anything unlist it touch standart temple exterior meshes in cities.

I wanna say thanks to:
1. Bethesda Softworks team, especially for people who worked on TES III Morrowind.
2. Morrowind Modding Community and active discord members of it.
3. Russian TESLore Community.
4. Siberian Crab (aka Colt17) for fixing and patching this mod.
5. Stavroguin, for giving me a permission to edit Minaret mod.
6. My home khajiit.