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Using MWSE Lua & Magicka Expanded, adds a miniquest to obtain a spell to teleport to a Telvanni style player home, with mark-recall like functionality.

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The Astral Pocket
By: OperatorJack

This mod has been re-built using OAAB_Data, found here.
 This version is no longer supported.


This mod adds a miniquest to unlock a new spell, "Teleport to Astral Pocket". When you cast the spell, you will be teleported to a new location known as the Astral Pocket. Herein, you'll follow the very brief story of a Telvanni wizard and lay claim to his barren housepod. 
Then, you can teleport back to your previous location in a very similar way to mark-recall spells.

To begin the miniquest, talk to your local bookseller about the latest rumours, or look for the text "Astrological Elements."

I made this mod as part of learning MWSE and Lua. The house featured in-game is rather spartan, which is the way I prefer it. I won't be added additional functionality to the house, as I feel that being able to teleport to it from anywhere is overpowered enough. I have tried to balance it by requiring you to walk up the stairs each time you want to go in it, and by having a decent magicka cost, but it may require further balancing.