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After completing any of the Daedric Princes' quest, you are granted the Daedric Intervention spell.

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Version 1.1 - Updated for Magicka Expanded thanks to OperatorJack

A Magicka Expanded mod by OperatorJack, Danae, RedFurryDemon and MelchiorDarhk

This mod add a spell of Daedric Intervention.
The spell teleports the player to the nearest Daedric Ruin.
To get the spell, complete any of the Daedric Prince's quest.

Use your preferred mod installer or drop the contents of the archieve in your Data Files folder
Check that you have the following mods / utilities:
Magicka Expanded 
and update MWSE!

NOT compatible with OpenMW until such blessed day OpenMW supports lua.

See Read me to make your Daedric Ruin part of the network (it's easy)

Version 1.0Original release
Version 1.0a      Changed Journal reference (Azura Quest 40 to 30)

OperatorJack: scripting
RedFurryDemon: spell icon
Melchior Darhk: daedric intervention marker
Danae: CS work
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.