Atronach Expansion by Melchior
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Added: 26/01/2009 - 07:35PM
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Last updated at 4:48, 4 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 19:35, 26 Jan 2009

This mod takes several community resources as well as my own work and adds eight new types of monsters as summonable creatures.

Air Atronach: Mentioned in lore but not included in Morrowind. Watch out for their burden spell!
Bone Golem: This fleshless undead golem will directly damage your health with it's Deathbloom spell.
Flesh Atronach: The equivilant of a Poison Atronach, this daedra was featured in Oblivion SI. 
Iron Atronach: This atronach has no spellcasting ability but is immune to shock. Choose your spells carefully
Swamp Myconid: Found in the Bitter Coast Region, this strange creature is the weakest of them all, but don't take it too lightly...
Telvanni Myconid: Created from the minds of powerful wizards, these creatures are a formiddable foe.
Ash Golem: The Ash Golem is often summoned by powerful Mabrigash to ward off unwanted attention.
Crystal Golem: This animated mass of wizard crystal is a foe to be reckoned with.

Go to Mona's Spell Boutique, just outside the front gates of Tel Branora to buy some Summoning spells.