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An overhaul of the mark and recall system using MWSE 2.1 to allow:
- Multiple mark locations, even from other mods. Teleport companions to your location. Limit number of marks by mysticism.
- Higher magicka cost and lower cast chance for long recall distances.
- Limited number of daily recalls.
Features can be changed in MCM

Permissions and credits
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1. Multi Mark
  • Create additional marks and name them whatever you want.
- You can create new marks or overwrite existing marks. Default name is the cell or region name. Recall is disabled in places you normally can't recall in.

  • Change the maximum number of marks to anything you like. (Default 16)
- You can change the maximum number of marks in the Mod Config Menu to anything between 2 and 80.

  • Teleport companions to your location.
- Add companions with the vanilla Mark spell and teleport them with Recall to your location.
- Requires companions to have a disposition of 90 by default. It can be changed in the MCM to any value between 0-100.
- Uses same magicka cost and chance calculation as normal recalls.
- Toggle automatic companion teleportation when recalling from the same cell.

- Optional addon to allow some companion mods like Julan to automatically be added to the Recall list. Thanks to cdcooley for the script. Load order for the plugin doesn't matter and it doesn't have any requirements.
- Smart Companions by abot is highly recommended to fix issues with companions.

  • Have your mysticism (base or current) affect the total number of available marks.
- If you enable this, your mysticism will affect how many marks you can cast. You can change it to use your current mysticism instead of base mysticism so that fortify skill effects are taken into account for calculating the number of marks in the Mod Config Menu. Previously placed marks won't be removed if your skill decreases.
- The mysticism required for maximum number of marks can be edited in the MCM.
- The calculation for how quickly additional marks become available can also be edited
by changing the Exponent multiplier in MCM:
The default value is pretty high, requiring 36 mysticism for the second mark.
Lower values make it faster to get additional marks at a lower level.
Recommended value is between 0.7 and 3, depending on the mysticism required for max marks.

- You can test different values here.

2. Harder Recall
  • Requires multi mark to be enabled.

  • Makes recall a lot harder (configurable) by increasing the magicka cost and having a lower chance of success based on the distance to mark, current mysticism and your current fatigue.
- The default settings makes recall a LOT harder than in vanilla, but these settings can be changed in the mod configuration menu.
- Recalling from Gnisis to Vivec will no longer be an option at level 1.

  • Recalling between unlinked areas (like recalling from Mournhold to Vvardenfell or vice versa) will cost a configurable amount of magicka (by default 300). Thanks to cdcooley for this feature that I modified slightly.

3. Limited Recall
  • Limit the number of recall spells/items you can cast in a day.
- Merlord's Limited Intervention is recommended to be used with this.

4. Companion teleportation when casting intervention
  • Companions will teleport with you when casting Almsivi or Divine Intervention, if they are in the same cell as you when casting the spell.
- Also works with scrolls, enchanted items and potions.

1. Make sure you have the latest versions of MGE XE and MWSE 2.1, as well as Magicka Expanded. MWSE-Update.exe in the Morrowind installation folder will update MWSE to the latest version.
 Drop the MWSE folder inside your Morrowind/Data files folder or install with a mod organizer.

Known Issues

  • Can't use recall, always get "Teleportation magic does not work here" message:
Vanilla Morrowind has a mechanic for disabling mark and recall in certain locations, however if you get the message everywhere, the EnableTeleporting
console command can be used to turn them back on. This might be caused after uninstalling another multimark mod, such as Melian's, as they had to disable the vanilla marks entirely and create their own system.


  • This requires MWSE to work, so it is not compatible with OpenMW. All other mods that don't add multiple marks should work with this.


  • Thanks to NullCascade and other developers of MWSE.
  • Thanks to cdcooley for the optional script that allows some followers to be automatically added to the Recall list.
  • OperatorJack for Magicka Expanded and Miscast Enhanced.
  • Greatness7 for the original Harder Recall idea.
  • NullCascade for Easy Escort which helped me create the code for companion intervention.